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By egamersio | CryptoGames | 20 Aug 2019

Great news for all EOS fans as a new promising MMORPG game spawned recently. Super Hero, a great looking MMORPG is the perfect game for all the “early adopters” who are joining in masses to benefit and experience cool gameplay. Hunt and earn rewards today! Besides the in-game rewards, there are extra rewards waiting for those that will join now the SuperHero beta test and report bugs. The bug bounty campaign will last until 2019/09/09.

Super Hero is an MMORPG browser-based 3D blockchain game currently available for beta testing, with a mobile version planned for the near future. The game is under development by FASTECO, a finance and gaming platform based on the EOS network.

Enter the world of Super Hero, choose the class that fits your play-style and discover hidden treasures. By exploring the open map you will find treasures, creatures, and quests, fight in real-time battles and earn loot.

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The Gameplay

The available classes are Archer, Warrior, Holy Knight, Mage, Cleric, and Dark Knight. Each one provides different gameplay. Players can unlock hidden plots by progressing the game while each class has its own origin quests.

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Overtake all the challenges that will come in your way and earn precious loot to arm your hero. Weapons and armor have different random properties and stats, as well as rare special effects. By traveling across the continents, you will discover different creatures, quests, and treasures.

How about some extra rewards? If you are a fearless warrior, search for secret entrances to the Realm of Phantoms. By stepping in you will face many unknown dangers but the rewards are going to worth it! Not yet ready to face such a challenge alone? That’s ok! You can always team up with your friends and fight together if you are willing to share the loot of course.


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The Auction House

One thing that truly makes the difference in crypto games is the True Item Ownership. With this feature, players have the option to use their hardly owned items to proceed in the game or sale them for a fair profit. By implementing the blockchain technology SuperHero aims to sky-rocket the gaming experience with an in-game mechanism called, ‘The Auction House’. Players can use the Auction House to trade, buy, and sell items, with the auction bid or the buy out price.

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