AlterVerse: Disruption Pre-Alpha Open For Early Adopters

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 11 Feb 2020

The AlterVerse: Disruption pre-alpha release is now available for the early adopters. 

The Freeplay mode is live, and you can learn the layout of the ships, fly the XR75 fighter ships, fire weapons, discover special events, and meet the Alliance members. Solo Raids are also available where you can raid the treasury of one of the Disrupter Starships.

In the upcoming weeks, the co-op Alliance Raids and the Adventure Quest will be added. When the testing phase is complete, the game will become available as Early Access on Steam

Prior to the games pre-alpha release, we had a tour inside Alterverse: Disruption. Watch it in the video below.

Who Can Join

To play Alterverse you need to have an Elite Lifetime Citizenship, a Limited Edition Game Server, or an AlterVerse Founder’s Token. Those who have a Steam key from earlier testing can also join.

If you own a Disrupter Ship server, you can host a highly customizable, Enjin backed starship, sell tokenized crew rooms, and earn a commission from sales.

The server owners will soon be able to choose from one of the five gameplay modes and launch their servers. Then they can charge a small fee to play, and offer prizes to winners.

Founders tokens and the first allotment of Disrupter Ship servers vanished early, but you can find one from other players on the marketplace. There will be more servers sold by the game in the future.

About The AlterVerse: A Multiverse Within The Multiverse

Part of the Enjin’s Multiverse connected games The AlterVerse provides 17 different gaming worlds. Users can create, play, and monetize an infinite number of interconnected digital experiences. The game is utilizing Enjin’s technology to integrate ERC-1155 blockchain assets across all of the 17 games available.

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