KRYLL: Automated Trading BTC for All

KRYLL: Automated Trading BTC for All

By Rearden | CryptoGambling | 14 May 2020

- Kryll is a new platform allowing users to create or follow their own strategies (trading bot), or those of other users. More than 130 robots are available and 105 million dollars of volume traded through the platform were reached in early May 2020.

- No licence is required to use the platform but a 1% fee of the amount you have allocated to the strategy per month, and up to 2% per month if you use a strategy from the marketplace.
Example: if you start a paid strategy with 100$, your robot will consume 2$/month of KRL.

- The KRL token is the fuel of the platform. The easiest and fastest way to buy KRL is with a credit card. Start with $25.

- You may launch as many strategies as you want, it's a good way to diversify your investments. Between 0.02 and 0.03 BTC recommended to trade with a robot but possible from 100$.


- Registration: (With this affiliate link, you will have 30% discount on fees for 2 weeks)! 

- You can discover a strategy with free backtests.

- you have Telegram groups to discuss with the authors of the strategies...

- The BTC/USDT pair is undoubtedly the most solid and reliable pair to start with. On the other hand, if you choose an ALT/BTC pair, look for an altcoin that has outperformed for several weeks/months and has been dumped. It will have more chance to bounce back and you will make good profits.


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