Prospectors go central banking!
Prospectors go central banking!

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 11 Feb 2020

This is my routine note about my progress in Prospectors blockchain-backed online game and what is happening there.

A couple of days ago the devs announced a new feature -- the Central Bank and banking licenses.

Before when you mined gold from the ground, it was accumulated as a resource in the backpack (i.e. exactly like clay or coal). Then you have to convert that gold-resource into gold-money at your account. It could be done with a single click.

It's not like this anymore... Soon you will have to take your gold-resource to a bank to convert it into gold-money -- for a fee!

At first it will be the Central Bank only, but the devs are going to introduce banking licenses too. Anyone who buys a banking license can run a private bank and convert anyone's gold-resource into gold-money charging a fee on the way. That is, to make money out of thin air, exactly like a real-world banking system does! A funny thing for a blockchain-based game, should I say.

Anyway, let it be this way if the devs really want it this way...

My Mr. Good, Mr. Bad and Mr. Ugly work hard mining coal and cutting trees in order to accumulate me 100K gold this week.

Since building a gold mine is impossible now (there are no free plots with good gold reserves), I don't know now if I still want to rent a plot and to build something. Maybe, a saw mill? Anyway, I don't have enough to rent a plot, so I have some time to think it all over.


Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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