Kings of Shit: Bitfinex, Hotbit, Binance

Kings of Shit: Bitfinex, Hotbit, Binance

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 8 Apr 2021

I trade crypto on CEXes, simply because it's now the only way to trade it. DEXes (or rather, AMM engines) are good only to swap one shit for another back and forth. And both CEXes and DEXes are two kinds of shit, actually.

This week I've got more than my usual amount of shit from CEXes.

First, Binance didn't pay me for staking 1INCH. I had some pennies staked for 14 days at about 16% APR, everything was Ok, on maturity the funds were redeemed successfully, except for one little detail -- I didn't receive any interest...

WTF? I tried to talk to the support bot, but the bot was too busy to care about my little shitty problems:

Estimated wait time: >60mins
Please describe the problem encountered in detail and attach a screenshot.

Well, let's wait, maybe Binance shitpile will be so kind as to pay my interest after some time >60mins.

Hotbit for me is a known pile of shit run by a herd of asshanded monkeys. The only good thing about Hotbit is that it's ready to list almost any shit and does it at the speed of light.

I've already lost some AMPL and then BUSD pennies I sent to Hotbit, the deposits simply didn't arrive, because of "smart contract" or "wrong blockchain" or whatever. Actually, with Hotbit it's nearly impossible to tell if you get your deposit or not, even though Hotbit has "notes and explanations" on its coin deposit pages.

And now again -- I lost some TRX pennies. Probably it was because of "smart contract". With this fucking crypto you can't simply send your pennies from one address to another without risk of losing it along the way...

But my Shit King of the Week is Bitfinex.

I had 2 CEL in my Celsius wallet (yet another shit, BTW) and I decided to sell them because I don't use Celsius that much nowadays anyway.

Of course, I didn't go to that shitty Uniswap for that. Neither did I go to Liquid because those monkeys wanted KYC even for signing up. I went to Bitfinex which looked quite handy: an easy email sign up for crypto deposits, withdrawals and trading crypto for crypto. Everything was just fine up to the moment I deposited my 2 CEL and tried to trade it for USDT.

And guess what? It is exactly CEL shit that Bitfinex monkeys want KYC for! And not simply "a KYC", but "a hardcore gay BDSM KYC shit":

Trading of CEL is limited to KYC verified customers, at least Intermediate level required, and certain jurisdictions.

In other words, to trade CEL shit for any crypto, you must send to the monkey 2 (two) IDs, "proof of address" and a selfie... Really, Bitfinex guys, wouldn't you go fuck yourselves instead?

Needless to say, that the withdrawal fee for CEL at Bitfinex is 3 CEL.

"Well, you should read the rules first", you might say. Yup, I know, I should, at any shitty CEX for any crypto shit I want to touch. After all, it's not my bank where I can fill IBAN No in, pay a transfer fee, and wait for my money to arrive at the destination point or return back to me.



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