Coinsbit's KYC face of capitalist oppression

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 16 Oct 2019

Every now and then I see in the internets the articles about capitalist oppression and how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology should liberate us from that evil plague.

Honestly, I have rather a little idea of how "capitalist oppression" looks like and how I can liberate myself from it sitting in my lovely armchair and shuffling shitcoins back and forth on my laptop. Actually, in my country, you can get several years of a jail sentence for a fabricated case (yup, I mean it, literally) and any blockchain can hardly get you out of it. That's the oppression I can imagine -- but it's hardly a "capitalist" one, as far as I know about USA, EU, and other capitalist monsters.

Well, today I've at last learned how the "capitalist oppression" looks like! I found it suddenly when trying to sign up to

You know what? For me, the Capitalist Oppression now looks like a KYC:


Nowadays The Capitalist Big Brother oppresses us to look even more like an idiot -- with the help of blockchain technology...



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Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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