Another Day, Another Hack?

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 8 Sep 2020

Not so long ago I made a post about tin-foil security paranoia. And today -- TA-DAMM!!!1 A guy I follow dropped me a link. Seems like another one now bites the dust. Goes hacked, I mean.

Dear users,
Our hot wallets were compromised, as bellow funds were moved to the following addresses:    

I wonder how many digits were in Eterbase's users passwords? Did they have any "trading password" shit like at Kucoin? Did they require a withdrawal password, Google 2FA and an email confirmation in order to send out every single shitty penny?

Well, I hope that hack will not affect Eterbase's users that much. Not so big an exchange, anyway.

However, no matter how many digits are in your trade passwords, it's much safer to move excess (non-trading) funds out of the exchanges to personal wallets with personal keys.

Don't feed the hackers!!!1

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Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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