A "Security" Paranoia

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 4 Aug 2020

Today I opened my Celsius Network app to copy a deposit address from there -- and guess what?!

The app asked me to change my pin code from a 4-digit one to a 6-digit one!!!1

"WTF?!", you might ask, "What's your problem?" Right, it's not a big deal, actually. Changing passwords is a common practice. Besides, some other apps have 6-digit pins right from the start. In addition to email confirmations, 2FA challenges, captchas, SMS alerts, and all that jazz.

Actually, this Celsius 4-to-6 change reminded me once again about the trend which I call tin foil security paranoia.  

In today's cryptosphere you can't send a satoshi without entering a couple of passwords and confirmation emails. The idea behind it is quite simple -- if some badass gets access to your acc, he will not be able to drain your pennies that easily. An ordinary door lock has the same idea -- any lock can be hacked, but a good lock can't be hacked quickly. With a good lock you have enough time to have a beer and call the police. However, the coin has the other side -- just imagine how assf*cked you will be if you accidentally lose the key from your good lock...

Today, if you mess with more than one exchange and one wallet -- you already have a handful of passwords to remember and go hammered with more and more "security" requirements every other day, especially after every new hack.

And you know what? If you look at all hacks happened in cryptosphere recently, you will notice that millions of crypto were stolen not because some user had a bad password and a weak F2A. They were stolen because some asshanded stuff monkey had a bad password or a security hole somewhere in the backend.

Shortly what I mean is that Celsius Network should better think of its own security and not about my 4-digit pin -- because if Celsius Network itself go hacked, I'm not sure at all that any pin will help me save my pennies. Paranoidally requesting users to pile passwords upon passwords and moar passwords does make users feel pain in the ass, but adds kinda little to users' security...

That's all for now, folks

Stay secure and safe!

Especially -- mentally.




Here goes usual "disclamer" blablabla.

Photos by Rory112233 from Wikipedia and Pixabay from Pexels

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