A Great Gas Crysis

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 2 Sep 2020

Not so long ago a lot of Publish0x people were happily praising the devs for introducing ETH earnings. Probably, now they're not so happy having their tips and earnings delayed and the devs facing somehow tough situation...

I knew that, I knew that!!!!1

Honestly, from the very beginning it wasn't a rocket science. Everyone who uses Metamask or other ETH wallet more or less regularly, could foresee what would happen with their Publish0x ETH earnings.

Well, I can't blame the devs for delayed payments, I know how the business works. But I do blame them for choosing ETH and ETH-based tokens (yup, it's BAT) for their platform (however, I can admit that this choice may have reasons I don't know about, like sponsorship agreements and the like). Don't take me wrong, Vitalik and friends have done a great job creating the Ethereum ecosystem. They moved the cryptosphere forward a lot. But as we can see today, in real life the Ethereum ecosystem is not perfect, and its real value is not that yeldfarming shit, but the real life problems it revealed. In other words, it's Ethash's flaws that help making the next generation of crypto protocols better.

Whatever. I don't believe that gas prices will go down to 5 Gwei any time soon, in coming weeks or even months. ETH is not for little shrimps anymore. It's not clear for me how those insane ETH gas fees will impact all that DeFi things, but I believe they will impact -- and negatively. Maybe it's the beginning of the end of ETH DeFi bubble?

Anyway, I hope the devs will move the Publish0x earnings system to some other crypto, preferably to a feeless one, and will sent me my pennies on time.

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Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish



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