A five-minute Litecoin faucet

A five-minute Litecoin faucet

By Jelly Fish | cryptofun | 16 Dec 2019

Today I just want to show you a simple LTC faucet:


Really, this faucet is nothing very scientific except that it just pays and on reasonable terms:

  • 0.000008 LTC every 5 minutes with only an ordinary captcha
  • 0.01 LTC min withdrawal amount, without fees, directly to a wallet address

Plus 250 sats bonus every 24 hours, two free roulette tickets every day (2x 25-500 LTC sats) and a handful of shortlinks 500-1500 LTC sats each.

With some math, we see that to reach min withdrawal we need to make 0.0.001/0.000008 = 125 faucet claims, which will take 125x5 = 625 minutes of net time -- good enough to give Clamelite a try.

Unfortunately, the faucet is quite a bit too overloaded with ads. However, it can be managed.

Otherwise, this five-minute faucet pays:

351665157-f55ee60f724d3169790a3ae7b1c48c4a2fa6d7bc6595b8cf4d582032d5a5c440.png (big image)

The same payout from Claimlite faucet in LTC block explorer is here.


Disclaimer: I'm neither an employee nor an owner of any crypto project including the above-mentioned ones. The article is informational and not an endorsement, guarantee or financial advice of any kind. The links are affiliate. I myself have assets at the mentioned projects.

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