The Attack of a Titan (Elon’s Blow to Bitcoin)

By Skuhalo | Cryptofromtheforeignside | 13 May 2021

Bitcoin has weather many storms. Bad press from Silk Road, being labelled the pyramid scheme of the century and possibly the fastest accelerator to global warming. Though never has an attack come quiet so close from home.

One tweet, just almost 10K off of Bitcoin in a matter of hours, dragging many a coin value with it. This is not the first time Elon Musk tweets to screw with prices. He once tweeted about the price of his own company being too high, and got slapped by regulators.

Here in the wild west, there are no regulators. Just an ocean of whales and sharks who shake up the ecosystem. 

With one Tweet, Elon Musk just sliced off 13 percent at time of writing off the crypto markets most famous coin. Damaging many a wallet’s value and dragging oh so many other coins down with it. That’s all it took, one personal tweet. Not like it is the first time for Elon Musk to cut prices with his Twitter. 

Taking the price down of the stock of his own company, was one thing but there some regulators stepped in. In this here ocean of decentralisation, where whale wallets shake the ecosystem, we dance to a very different tune. This could be the future, as Bitcoin bleeds, the sharks that grow stronger off of it, could be the brands birthed in rage comics which came around the same time as cryptocurrencies came to this world. 

Poetic is it not? The new decentralised money system will no longer be championed by a currency called Bitcoin, but by Doge? A coin named after a picture of a Shibu. A picture that would rock the financial system to its core.

This may just be a grand scheme of chess being played 50 moves ahead. Tesla has taken the mantel as early adapter of cryptocurrencies, as they have the most media presence considering the world knows them for electric cars and wanting to go to Mars (unless we count Silk Road, in which case, GG Xanax and cocaine).

Sci-fi novels always speak about credits flying across the solar system at break neck speed. Now we have the company wanting to go into the solar system, causing a hard dip across the board in price of coins. They always say, buy the dip, but a private citizen can only amass about 100K USD for a dip? Tesla is worth over 500 Billion USD. Them buying them dip will not turn them into a whale, nay, it may turn them into the leviathan of the blockchain waters, where the largest whales may even fear them.

Tesla will move far beyond just an electric company, Space X will control the solar system transport and the currency in which that new age uses.

You know, maybe this is the ghost of Tesla come back, to haunt the institutions who shut him down and buried his secrets so long ago. Maybe this is the rise of the first true super villain whose plan for world domination actually succeed. All it took was Twitter and not some goofy death ray.

All we know is, one tweet slammed into the titan of crypto. The next tweet may slay it and give rise to a Shibu meme rush.

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