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By QuintoTrader | Crypto Street | 2 Jul 2019


Publish0x which is a blockchain blogging platform rewarding content creatures and content consumers through tipping can enable content consumers and content distributors to earn money through the following;


In publish0X, the currencies used for tipping certain contents after benefiting from them are; DAI stablecoin, Bounty0x and Project Hydro.    

                    1.DAI Stablecoin  

   This is a pegged cryptocurrency token created by MakerDAO on top of Ethereum network. By it being pegged, it therefore follows that 1DAI is equivalent to $1USD. This will make this token not to fluctuate due to the volatility of the market. Currently, 1DAI is trading at a price of $0.987 From coingecko market capitalization with a maximum market supply of 90,131,308 and is listed on several exchanges including bittrex, hitbtc, kucoin, coinbasepro, ethfinex amongst others .Here is DAI'S stablecoin statistics from coingecko; dai.png                                           


 2.    Project  Hydro

Project hydro is one of the currencies used for tipping contents. It was created on the Ethereum blockchain network to solve billions of the unbanked communities. Currently, Hydro token is being listed at coingecko market capitalization at a price of $0.001507 and has a total supply of 11,111,111,111 and is listed on several exchanges including bittrex, upbit, bitforex, coinexx amongst others. Here is project hydro statisitcs from coingecko; hydro.png                                  



Bounty0x is one of the currencies  at publish0x using for tipping contents.Bounty0x was created to help blockchain starts to distibute their token for free of charge to airdrops hunter upon performing certain task. Currently, bounty0x is being listed at coingecko market capitalization at a price of $0.00438  and has a market supply of 500,000,000 and is listed on several exchanges including kucoin and  Here is how the statistics of bounty0x looks like at coingecko;




To join bounty0x and start earning free tokens from several startups,follow the link below;                    

 Tipping with the 3 publish0x currencies    

When you have gone through a certain content at publish0x and you have benefited from it, that content will be assumed to have generated some revenue based on impressions. On publish0x, the impression comes from IPFS and the smart contract address in which the three tokens are  built on. Each content will generate an impression of 0.0013 DAI and 0.0115 Hydro.As a content consumer, you will see a tipping button being set on default as 80% to content creator and 20% to you upon tipping it. When you tip the content you will generate 20% of the 0.0013 DAI and 0.0115 Hydro while the content distributor generates 80% of the 0.0013 DAI and 0.0115 Hydro. The more content you consume the more income you earn upon tipping the content.Here is how the publish0x default tipper button looks like;



       If you have not created an account at publish0x, then this is the right time for you to join either as a publisher or a reader. Follow the link below to join publish0x and you benefit a lot by reading high quality contents;                

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