New crypto launched by... ¿!Mc Donalds!?

By manuabb1 | cryptofinance | 8 Mar 2021

For a few days the McDonalds application has reserved a large area to ask its users if McDonalds has its own cryptocurrency ?. According to the statement, the definitive answer will be answered tomorrow, March 9.

The medium has been able to confirm that this message can be seen both in Latin America and in Europe, therefore it follows that it is a global campaign.For now, everything is speculation as there is no official statement to clarify this fact. This could be a true announcement of a launch of a cryptocurrency of the company or on the other hand it could be a bold advertising campaign that aims to use the hype for cryptocurrencies due to the big rise in Bitcoin in recent months.

McDonalds has already launched an international currency: the MacCoin

The year 2018 was the 50-year anniversary of the iconic McDonalds hamburger, the Big Mac. The fast food company got an idea where McDonalds would mint its own currency, the MacCoin. The currency could be used by everyone, although it only had one function, it was interchangeable for a Big Mac in any McDonalds establishment. Therefore, it was basically a voucher in the format of a coin.



The idea arose from The Economist media using the Big Mac as a measuring instrument to know the average price of a country as it is a universal asset. So why not use your own McDonalds voucher currency that can be used anywhere on the globe? The current announcement could be the digitization of said currency in which an expansion in its possibilities of use could be seen, in addition to being able to buy a hamburger.

It is now possible to buy at McDonalds and Burger King with cryptocurrencies

McDonalds like other franchises have already experienced selling their products with cryptocurrencies. In Venezuela, in the Burger King chain, a direct competition from McDonalds, you can buy food with various cryptocurrencies.

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