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Zoomers Pump & Dump Doge on TikTok

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 5 Aug 2020

A gag using TikTok was being encouraged by day traders for its speculation. It is a joke currency which is known as Dogecoin. Its origins are from an Internet meme that went viral years ago. Around 2013, that was when this digital coin was brought to life as a spinoff from Bitcoin. It became popular as quite the gag.

The day #traders seemed to be working at least at this moment. With a price that has doubled since the 6th of July. It rose from about 95% to $0.00448 from $0.0023. Stayed by information gotten from #OnChainFX. This is a tracker for #cryptocurrency data.

In January 2018, the price of Dogecoin increased at $0.013 but it crashed immediately afterward. 

Watch the full livestream here:


The challenge for Dogecoin on TikTok

This cryptocurrency came from market hypers. One of the pullers wrote online that you should make him rich and invest in Dogecoin. Others made comments like "They can’t stop us, Worth it. I swear #stocks #coins #dogecoin #money." It is so obvious these people didn't know what they were doing at the time.

You can check the posts of one TikTok user @jamezg97 and his uploads of #Dogecoin pumping videos which were related to the present bonanza that came at the ending of June.

Since that time, the rate of pumping has increased since. Recently, a video was released and it got more than eight hundred thousand views since it was uploaded. The #TikTok user walked every one of his audience through the equations necessary for his future bet. 

The accounts for Dogecoin has made everyone cautious. You have to pay attention to the intentions people have when they want you or coerce you to purchase something.

You should try to make responsible choices for your financial and mental well being. Don't make choices based on force or by being manipulated by someone else. It is best to be smart and play safe.


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