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TikTok Banned in the US

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 9 Aug 2020

Chinese social media apps like TikTok wants to be banned by the Trump administration. This news comes from the Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo has already stated India has stopped the usage of TikTok and also banned about 58 other mobile apps. 

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The US looking at the Ban on Tiktok

In an interview at the beginning of the week, Secretary of State in U.S Mike Pompeo during an interview with Fox News stated that Laura Ingraham has serious intentions of getting rid of TikTok and social media apps made from Chinese. Lawmakers have not recently been expressing major concerns that these world-known videos sharing social media platforms could be used by the government of the Chinese to farm and cultivate data from American users.

The lawmakers in the U.S are taking the banning of TikTok quite seriously. They have been working with goals on this problem for a long time.

Mike Pompeo continued explaining, be stated the problems included having Huawei #Tech in your very own infrastructure, presently going around the world to make real progress getting all of that out. We have made it known that ZTE is a serious threat to the national security of America. We all have done all these things. Having respect to the apps made from Chinese on the cell phones of people, we can make everyone sure that the U.S would get this correctly too.

More questions like if the secretary would tell other people to download TikTok on their cell phones. Mike Pompeo said the only way people should do this is if they want their private information in the hands of the Communist Chinese Party.

The owners of TikTok are a Beijing based Bytedance. But this is not available for users in China. The company has been trying its best to create a space between itself and its parent company. It does this by hiring former executive of Disney to be its CEO, his name is Kevin Mayer.

TikTok also wants to pull out of Hong Kong because of the enactment which occurred last week at the new national security law because of military tensions which were between China and the United States and how they were becoming serious. The company has data centers like the U.S user data which was located outside China and its data which is not a part of the Chinese Law.

TikTok has about 800 million active monthly users that are active and the app has been downloaded more than two billion times around the world. Last week, there was a ban on about fifty-nine mobile apps, these include We chat, TikTok, Baidu maps, and Weibo.

A lot of videos related to #cryptocurrency could be doing on #TikTok. One of these includes that which encouraged people to invest in DOGE(Dogecoin). And since then, the price became high. #Dogecoin got a price hike of presently $0.00333, up 24% over the past day.

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