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By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 12 Dec 2019

I have always been very fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies and dapps, I truly believe that they can represent the future, maybe not even too far away

The dapp I want to talk to you about today could describe it with a few adjectives: simplebrilliant, beautiful.

The dapp in question is called Cryptozombies,  is a dapp built on Ethereum blockchain which is used to teach programming dapp .. (from how I described it looks more like the movie "Inception" than a dapp ..)


Let's proceed with order, what it is:

Cryptozombies is a programming course that teaches how to program Ethereum smart contract, it is developed in such a way as to be suitable even for those who know nothing about programming or smart contract.

The course teaches the basics of Solidity that, for the uninitiated, is the programming language used to develop smart contract on Ethereum.
And its purpose is the one already mentioned to make us understand smart contracts and to try to develop a game on the Ethereum blockchain and do it using something that everyone likes: the zombies.


During the lessons we will create our own zombie factory which will then lead us to the creation of our army of undead, the zombies generated by the factory will have their own DNA and appearance randomly generated and, in the case of appearance, will be customizable to your liking .

In subsequent lessons we will give our zombies more or less particular skills such as the ability to fight, and for each lesson completed we will receive a zombie-themed crypto-collectible.


At the end of the course we will therefore have two things to be particularly proud of: we will be able to develop our game using Solidity (therefore based on blockchain) and we will have our very own zombie army that can be used to fight against the armies of other players in an online fight! (it is also one of the first online clashes born on blockchain)


At the beginning of this article I defined Cryptozombies as: "simple", "brilliant" and "beautiful" and I really believe it. The basic idea is wonderful, it is basically a programming course disguised as a game, so it has the ability to teach something with the simplicity and immediacy of a game, the design of the game is also really beautiful and very nice.


In short, if you had not understood for me the best dapp in circulation is Cryptozombies, the dapp that manages to combine "business with pleasure", regardless of whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, or if you are not a developer at all I advise you to approach this world also because, thanks to Cryptozombies, you have no excuse!

If you are interested, I highly recommend you to visit the developers page and the Cryptozombies page

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Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born, and still living, in Italy. Passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2016


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