The future of Basic Attention Token (BAT)
The future of Basic Attention Token (BAT)

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 9 Aug 2019

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) aims to improve the efficiency of the online advertising sector, the cryptocurrency can be exchanged between advertisers, publishers and users using the Ethereum Blockchain.

BAT is therefore a crypto based on Ethereum, as the name implies its main objective is to focus on "attention", one of the big points in favor of BAT is that it integrates with the Brave browser that often offers numerous airdrops to its users and thanks to which you can donate (or receive) BAT tokens.

The difference between Chrome and Brave.

The main difference between Chrome and Brave is that, unlike Chrome, Brave does not focus on tracking user behavior to deliver targeted advertisements but even has an integrated adblock.


And how do users and publishers make money? Here is the answer.

Thanks to Brave you will not see advertising, but the sites you visit will still be paid in Bat, also the user is paid if he decides to see advertisements.
All this is a revolution: the user is not seen as a product, but is an active member of the economy of the realities that live on the web, in short, by downloading Brave you will be rewarded in Bat both you and the sites you visit, and all this is fantastic !


(Here the link to download Brave thanks to which we will both have a bit of BAT, it is a referrer link so you are free not to use it if you think the article is not to your liking).

Yes, but ... going back to talking about BAT

Bat as we have seen is "an attention token", you and the editors will be rewarded based on the attention you give to a site, a video, or any content on the web.
Basic Attention Token is therefore a low-risk investment with enormous future potential.
Nor is the fact that, with around 5 million active users on Brave, BAT is a really used token and not just bought and sold for speculation.


In simple terms:

  • Thanks to Brave everyone is rewarded in BAT (publishers, content creators, and users)
  • Basic Attention Token is a "safe bet", its value today is very low, especially compared to the future value it will reach.
  • BAT is a token that is based on a great idea that can really change the way we all use the internet.
  • The future value of the BAT token will probably increase (and much)

What you have read in this article are my personal opinions and not advice on how to invest, I believe that the BAT token has enormous potential but it is obviously up to you to decide whether it is so or not, anyway thank you for reading I hope the article you enjoyed, see you soon!

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born in Italy, I live in Italy, passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2015


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