How to earn (BTC) online

How to earn (BTC) online

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 25 Jun 2020

FreeBitco.In is the best known faucet in fact you will probably already know what I will talk to you about, however I hope this is not the case (otherwise I wrote for nothing ..)

Please note: Whenever you find "" written you can click and you will be sent directly to the site without closing this page.


Faucet is a bitcoin faucet born in 2013 with an hourly payment, which offers, in addition to a classic faucet "service", other possibilities for earning satoshi bitcoins including a lottery and a passive earning system.

Unlike other Bitcoin faucets, there are no advertisements inside the faucet, this makes the use of quick and easy.

To register with CLICK HERE (another window will open, this page will not be closed).



Registration is simple

All that is required, as with the other faucets, is an email address, a password and solve the captcha.
An email will be sent to you to confirm your email and then your account during the next 24 hours.



Free Roll - Free spin

This is the most classic part of the faucet. Each hourly "claim" guarantees the user, free reward points, lottery tickets and satoshi.  It can be requested once an hour. Just press roll and your number will be displayed.

But what is this number for? Depending on the "extracted" number, there will be a reward that will be credited to your account.

The amount of satoshi Bitcoin varies according to the number of the roll that you can check in the table below.



Multiply BTC

I want to clarify that this function is present but I do not recommend it, as it is a type of gambling.

You can bet your BTC satoshi with the game of HI - LO
(similar to the red and black of the casino), the operation is simple. it disconnects if the number that will come out is greater or less than 5000, in the case in which it is greater one must hope to have chosen "Hi", the opposite case "Lo".

It is a good opportunity to multiply your satoshi but, as I said, I do not recommend it because of the high probability of losing.



Other options to increase your satoshi can be found on the main page, and they are:

Earn Bitcoin (Passive income) pays interest to those who have over 30,000 satoshi. The current interest rate is daily at 0.0109589%, which is added to 4.08% per year, in other words interest is calculated day by day, so if you have +20 satoshi every day, the following month the interest is not it is on the initial satoshi but on the initials +600 satoshi and so on. Then nothing prevents you from using the site as a wallet (in this case, however, I recommend the activation of two-factor authentication) to generate passive income on bitcoins, which currently does not offer any other site.


For each claim you will receive lottery tickets, the lottery takes part automatically and ends every week to start again on the first day of the next. The lottery prizes are extremely high (first place usually takes 0.5 / 0.7 BTC), however it is very difficult to win but you participate automatically and for free so "it doesn't happen that doesn't happen, but if it happens .."




With the claims in addition to satoshi and lottery tickets you get "reward points". Reward points can be spent on a variety of things, such as physical rewards, additional lottery tickets, or reward points can be used to increase the value of satoshi for each "free roll" up to 1000%! so up to a maximum of about 2000 satoshi per hour.



In this section there is a sort of general classification and you win prizes if you earn more than the others, if the people invited by you manage to earn more than the others etc.



Like most faucets, also has a referral section. The referrer system is a bit particular, you earn for every "claim", every game played at the "Multiply BTC" and also for the passive income.

Unlike the other sites, however, being a referrer is also convenient for the invited person, I explain better: The person who invited can share the earnings with the referrers so that it is beneficial for everyone.

In fact, I invite you during the registration phase NOT to cancel the invitation code that will be automatically inserted during the registration phase, in this way if you want to register you will become my referrer and I can share my income with you.

Since I started using I set the earnings sharing percentage to 50%, this means that every person who is invited by me still earns something more.



Summing up:

  • Faucet
  • Registration
  • Free Roll
  • Multiply BTC
  • Earn Bitcoin
  • Lottery
  • Rewards
  • Contest
  • Referrals


This is what, if the site interests you I invite you to register and evaluate yourself, I can assure you that the site pays (I have received about 50/60000 satoshi every month for two years) and I highly recommend it to everyone, we will also help each other being that I share my income with you.

If you have read this far, thank you very much and see you soon!



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Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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