Anyone want 1000 USDT?

Anyone want 1000 USDT?

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 20 Jan 2020

I have been using KuCoin exchange for a long time as it offers the possibility to trade many cryptocurrencies, some of which are unknown but which in my opinion have a good chance of "flying high", mind you I'm not saying that I will get rich or that some of my readers it will become (although of course I wish it to everyone), however many of these currencies have a value close to $ 0.0001 and in short, making two accounts, it is worth hoping isn't it?

Anyway today I want to talk to you about a "division" of the KuCoin exchange called KuCoin Play:
Thanks to KuCoin Play you can participate in different contests (there are also 5 different per month) in which by performing even trivial actions such as logging in to the KuCoin Play site we will be awarded points in order to climb the ranking and secure a part the airdrop of the currency in question.

I would also like to clarify that many of the actions (such as "daily login" or "visit this page") can be repeated every day and often JUST just this to enter directly among those who will be entitled to airdrops.

I could talk to you about how airdrops take place but I will attach photos because as they say here in Italy (maybe even in your country but unfortunately I don't know ..) "an image is worth a thousand words":







Link KuCoinPlay: CLICK HERE

Link KuCoin Exchange: CLICK HERE


I will not lie saying that I do not gain anything by talking about the site, obviously your eventual registration will give me points that will also help me to win a part of these airdrops, however if the article has been useful, I would be very pleased if you subscribed from my link, and for any doubts do not hesitate to comment below I will be happy to answer everyone, thanks and see you next time!


Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born in Italy, I live in Italy, passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2015


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