Akon wants to build a "crypto city" basing the economy on the "Akoin"

Akon wants to build a "crypto city" basing the economy on the "Akoin"

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 18 Jul 2020

Senegalese-born rapper and multi-platinum producer Akon recently finalized the contract for the construction of Akon City, the city of the future that will rise a few kilometers from the capital of Senegal, Dakar.

Akon City has the stated goal of being the "Wakanda of real life", technologically at the forefront in every respect.
It will be dealt with by KE international, an American construction company specializing in sustainable design that raised $ 4 billion for the project.


Phase 1 is already underway and the end is scheduled for 2023, when roads, hospitals, a shopping center, a police station and the very heart of the project will be completed: the electricity grid.

Akon in fact wants to build a city completely dependent on solar energy, an ambitious goal but not too much if we consider that the singer, with his company Akon Lighting Africa, has already been supplying energy to 14 African countries at affordable prices since 2014.

Not only that, the whole city will have a digital currency as its official currency: the Akoin, this also to promote transparency and to make transactions within the city easier.

In short, a philanthropic and ambitious project, made possible also thanks to the Senegalese government which has granted the city to be a special tax area, with incentives aimed at attracting investments. A project that wants to be an example for the Africa of the future, as Akon said.

Let's summarize because there is too much strange information all together:

  • Akon, the rapper, wants to build Akon city (or Wakanda for friends..) in real life
  • It is not a joke considering that the works have started and the money has been spent
  • The economy will be based on a cryptocurrency called "Akoin"
  • The whole city will be based on renewable energy



What do you think about it? Would you go to live in Wakanda with solar electricity and Akoin? Let me know yours in the comments

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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