Brave notifications missing? How to recover them

Brave notifications missing? How to recover them

By Luke86 | Cryptofacts | 14 Apr 2020

During last period, Brave notifications seemed disappeared, but there's a simple way to recover them as usual

During last weeks, with a friend of mine, I noticed that Brave notifications seemed disappeared: any notification were appearing and, if in the first day it could had been normal, it's even strange notifications hasn't appeared for such a long time. Here's the doubt but I said "Ok, let's try to wait and see what happens".

Next few days of absolutely no notifications, a friend of mine found the solution:

"Try to switch off the brave rewards and switch it on after few seconds".

Brave raggiunge la versione 1.0, il browser che pensa alla privacy ...

It works! Notifications has resumed and now they appear normally as always.    


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