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Brave notifications missing? How to recover them

14 Apr 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Luke86

During last period, Brave notifications seemed disappeared, but there's a simple way to recover them as usual During last weeks, with a friend of mine, I noticed that Brave notifications seemed disappeared: any notification were appearing and, if in...

59 years ago Yuri Gagarin has been the first human into space

12 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

On board of the Vostok 1, his flight determined a temporary advanced of URSS in the well-known "Space Race" poechali! (Let's go!). With this word Juri Gagarin replied to Korolev, while the 5 rocket engines was starting to take him in orbit for the fi...

Simply, the photo of the century

11 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

1 year ago was published a photo, confirming Einstein theory about black holes 11th of April 2019 was an historical date for science: for the first time ever, a black hole has been photographed, confirming Einstein gravitational waves theory. With no...

An amazing planetary alignment is coming: set up your cameras!!

10 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

After the meeting between Venus and Pleiades, now it’s up to the other planets to show off   April 2020 is the month of planetary conjunctions: after the show of Venus few days ago, now it's up to others. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are dominating the s...

Margaret Burbidge, "Lady Stardust", has passed away at the age of 100

8 Apr 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Luke86

She's been the first to describe the star meltdown processes Another one of the greatest women in astronomy world, has gone: Margaret Burbidge has passed away last sunday, 5th of April 2020.  The first woman to lead the Royal Greenwich Observatory, i...

The most spectacular Moon of 2020 will rise tonight

7 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

The Full Moon will gift us its best show for 2020 The Super-Moon will rise tonight:  at 8:20 pm it will get close until the perigee, about 356.000 km. The combination of perigee and the Full phase, generates the "Super-Moon", little brighter and appa...

Is ATLAS comet disintegrating?

7 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

New observations revealed an elongation of the nucleus and a lower magnitude Is the probability to see a naked eye visible comet dashed? There were great expectations about this comet, and probably we can still have them. Although the last observatio...

Birthday game for Hubble Telescope 30th years activity

6 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

Launched on 24th of April 1990, it gifted us spectacular images about all the Universe. A 2,4 meters diameter primary mirror and 5 instruments to see in "visible", "ultra-violet" and "infra-red". The Hubble Space Telescope has gifted us the best imag...

Summer 2020 will start with a rare solar eclipse

5 Apr 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Luke86

On 21st of June 2020 a rare annular eclipse will be visible from Africa and Asia After the planetary conjunctions of April and the upcoming ATLAS comet visible in May (now it's approximately 150 million of km far from Earth), June will gift us an ann...

Venus - Pleiades conjunction: the rare astronomical show in these pictures

4 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Luke86

Some of the shots took last evening. The first shot was took with a Canon EOS 750D, 55mm focal lenght, 8 seconds of time exposure and 400 ISO This another one, with a Canon EOS 6D, with higher magnification at 250mm But, first, during the preparati...


Margaret Burbidge, "Lady Stardust", has passed away at the age of 100

8 Apr 2020 Luke86

08 April 2020
Thank you very much! Best regards to you too. Luca

Summer 2020 will start with a rare solar eclipse

5 Apr 2020 Luke86

05 April 2020
Thank you so much!

Last LRO photos confirmed Moon landing of Apollo mission's

3 Apr 2020 Luke86

03 April 2020
It's an opinion of them. There are many incontrovertible proofs about moon landings, but conspiracy theorists still want not to believe them. Conspiracy theory is their opinion, but I can't respect it

Prepare your cameras: tomorrow evening the night sky puts on his show!

2 Apr 2020 Luke86

02 April 2020
Thank you too. Keep following because April will be rich of interesting events!


1 Apr 2020 laviadellescimmie

02 April 2020
Great post, finally somebody posting about travelling. I hope you'll type other post like this on other destinations, cities, life styles. Great job

Huge asteroid en route to Earth on 29th of April

16 Mar 2020 Luke86

16 March 2020
Thank you to you🤣🤣 fortunately not, we're still safe. There are some solutions to correct asteroids orbits potentially dangerous. We have to trust in science 😉

Neutron star property... Radius: 11km.. WHAT????

14 Mar 2020 Luke86

14 March 2020
First of all, astronomy often is not "user-friendly", because you cannot see the evidence right under you eyes. Second, neutron star has been observed and studied: if you're smart, you know that you can study in the visible and even in the invisible (radio-waves). but neutron stars are visible. Black holes has been observed in 2019, and that photography probably would be one of the most important in history. The fact that articles like this are not splashed all over the news is because few people in the world are enthusiast of astronomy and a neutron star obviously doesn't change your life here on Earth. You're free to have your opinion.. but even flat Eathers have an opinion... so....

Neutron star property... Radius: 11km.. WHAT????

14 Mar 2020 Luke86

14 March 2020
Yes, absolutely i understood It 😅🤣🤣

Neutron star property... Radius: 11km.. WHAT????

14 Mar 2020 Luke86

14 March 2020
Yes, of course, it was just a comparison to explain it better 😅

Did you know... gold does not belong to Earth, it's an extraterrestrial element!

3 Mar 2020 Luke86

03 March 2020
Thank you so much. I tried to compress the informations not be pedantic, but this arguments is very longer to explain. Good read and thanks again. You can search for "Process S"

A second "moon" for Earth

28 Feb 2020 Luke86

28 February 2020
Saying the truth we've already tangled up another "second moon" in 2006, even in that case the object was very very little. Next, we have the strange situation of Cruithne, an asteroid that "follow" us orbiting around Sun, i will type about them in the next article. About the system object we discovered 2 objects, but only in 2019 : an asteroid and a comet. I will type a post about them too

The moon and curiosities.

24 Feb 2020 Anna_M

25 February 2020
Very good article, well-written and complete. It deserves a tip

Publish0x's BAT withdrawal on Coinbase

21 Jan 2020 Luke86

22 January 2020
Ok thank you for this important notifications. I will soon modify this post according with them.

Publish0x's BAT withdrawal on Coinbase

21 Jan 2020 Luke86

21 January 2020
Most important is to get money at the end of the story :)

Publish0x's BAT withdrawal on Coinbase

21 Jan 2020 Luke86

21 January 2020
Ok, I can understand your position, i just report my personal experience with Coinbase, is not a post to invite using it or make investments on it. The only way i wrote this post is because many people learning about crypto probably have a Coinbase account. Anyway, thank you for your suggestions. Luke

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The moon and curiosities.

24 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments Anna_M

The Moon has been an element of scientific research, of poetry, of songs, of films; in short, it is one of the planets to which the human being looks with more curiosity wanting to reveal his mysteries. Where are we at? The first man who set foot on...



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