Celsius Network and its Insanely High Interest Rates (Make Money HODL'ing!)

While sifting through the internet on my newfound favorite browser, Brave, I found myself looking through the settings on the Chromium based ui. As I was looking through drop down menus I found the wallet for holding new BAT balances and the Uphold account it would transfer to. In Uphold I saw it was partnered with the Celsius Network, a system with their own crypto wallets much like many exchanges that paid interest on balances held. The option to borrow against your own holdings is also available at reasonable rates.

The part we're interested in here is the interest payed to you for simply holding a balance in any given wallet. Each wallet type pays different interest based on the currency. The kicker here is unlike other similar programs, you do not have to pledge your currency for months on end after signing a digital agreement. The payout rates are weekly and range from between 1% all the way to 7.8%. While most rates fall between 5-7% you can also opt to receive interest in their proprietary token CEL for even higher rates that increase as you hold more and more CEL. Surprisingly, the highest yielding tokens are actually stablecoin USDT, USDC, TUSD, and other True (insert other national fiat) coins all earning 7% besides USDT which yields a whopping 7.8%. With calculations from an internal rate calculator, that's $1.50 a week or $78.00 a year with only a $1000 balance, which of course, if receiving interest in CEL, can climb considerably higher. 

Interest Rates as of this post

If you do opt to receive CEL as interest and are now wondering how to sell the token, or at least exchange it for a more popular one, there are multiple sites for that. The one I use is called Coinswitch.co



Imo, this is a great opportunity to put your crypto to work for you. I find myself leaving balances in different wallets and exchange wallets, I forget about them for a bit just HODL'ing there. I moved most of my Coinbase balance and Binance to Celsius; I'm a HODL'er I might as well make my money sit around doing something rather than merely crossing my fingers for the next boom.

If you're interested in signing up, I'll leave my referral code. You don't have to signup with it of course but it would be very much appreciated. I'll post my Coinbase and Binance referral codes as well if anyone has yet to signup with those exchanges. Every little bit of referral love counts ya know ;)


Celsius: 16743675f8    and the link for the mobile app: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/16743675f8

Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/intiha_x?src=android-email-invite

Binance: 18987186

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