Safepost Bounty Program

By MRLotta | CryptoEpicID | 19 Apr 2020

Safepost Bounty Program 

Join and get 100STAMP

Join Here

Social Network Task = 500STAMP


1STAMP = $0.0011

Listed Soon On P2PB2B


About SafePost®

SafePost is an encrypted messaging platform that keeps your privacy safe. With SafePost, no more SPAM, scammer mails, phishing mails, spyware and other malware, and no more data transfer and storage duration limit!

Your messages & documents are encrypted before being sent to SafePost. They are then stored in a decentralized SafePost database accessible in high availability.

SafePost uses open source libraries to encrypt and decrypt your messages and documents: this gives you the guarantee that algorithms we use have no back door.

No ads, no statistics. Your messages & documents remain confidential: NO THIRD PARTY, including the SafePost team, can neither decrypt nor read them!

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