Why I think investing in FUSION is great opportunity!

By Tpgsamii | Cryptoenthousiast | 4 Feb 2021

Let's start with Fusion (FSN) first:

: dj Qian, funder of Bitse (Vechain, Qtum)
Team: Andre cronje -Also funder of Yearn.Finance (YFI), (previous head of innovation zhaojun he, karim chaib,..)

Adoption: almost top performer of # transactions (better than monero, link, cardano,...): https://coinstats.network/  


Even European Central Bank (ECB) did a report mentioning fusion: https://twitter.com/djqianfusion/status/1355864968919273475?s=19

Dapps :

Mcap: fusion 10 millions. Anyswap 2 millions mcap Edit : Mcap :fusion 20 millions (*2 couple of hour) Anyswap 15 millions mcap (*3 couple of hours). If Mcap will be the same ranking than adoption, it will be multiplied by 100 !! That's Why I think you should consider investing in fusion (not a financial advise, please DYOR)


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