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TikTok - Fun & Games till CCP Data Harvesting Arrives

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 14 Aug 2022

We are at that point of the time where we have to choose between the lesser evils on Internet. It's like choose FB and you get spy from USA. And you choose TikTok and you get spy from China's CCP harvested servers.

This is where the cryptocurrency and blockchain have to fill in the gap and manage to handle the tracking and the manipulation part. As of now consumers are the heavily hit between all of this and they need something safe.

It all started with YouTube being the only choice for the app based content consumption till the arrived. Where the people got hold of the phone and managed to create various types of the creative content. Later bytedance acquired the and then that data harvesting game started. Where even simple one word out of your mouth could lead to a content type which can later monetize.

Keyword Based AI Manipulation

Even saying simple thing as "aliens" on your phone to Google Hello or the Siri would lead to data capture. And then TikTok, YouTube, Instagram would start showing you content of aliens. Manipulation doesn't stop here. You would find a lot of people getting ads on these too. Like aliens specific keyword would get similar ads and the recommendations.

Now the recommendation part is really scary. Like say you like a model in bikini with specific physical asset size. It would trigger the recommendation and feeds similar to the type of model you are searching to follow. It's very powerful AI that has been used in both Instagram and TikTok. Only difference being the instagram has yet to use the AI for manipulating the youth and elderly for their own propaganda.

Content as a Weapon

Imagine if some of the nations like China start to use empathy to disarm the nations in contents of America, Africa and other nations in Asia. And try to make the youth broken on the muscular lines using the content. And later create a gap in the army for the mental and the physical force. That would lead to some of the issues with the society.

China has already started doing this. And one of the reason why they can afford to attack uighur islamics, feminists in their soil. Yet they can make the rest of the world ignore what happens on their soil. In that context imagine they could manipulate any other nation by amplifying the news specifically negative news and then making the youth attack their own nation, leaders and people in general.

Blockchain Alternative

I have moved to liketu which is like instagram (image) based clone and rewards with Hive.I also think that instead of the TikTok you are better off to the Odyssey and 3speak. But that is just an alternative in the works and not really a major option in context of the blockchain.

Data harvesting can be bad if the larger set of the data is being used to manipulate one person. And later that data is used to manipulate entire society. China has a lot of such data and unfortunately the empathy, secularism type of the stuff in the society has made itself handicapped against such nations that try to invade through such means.

What's your opinion on future of TikTok doing this to youth? Do you see blockchain alternative?

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