Subsocial Grill App: Polkadot's Version of Content Bazaar

By Novasky | DevPress | 16 Jun 2024

Remember I reviewed the Subsocial in the past? I am over there for few weeks and doing pretty well off. I thought why not give you an idea of how the Subsocial's grillapp is going on lately. So let me explain how the Grillapp works and how you as a blogger can benefit from that place. Polkadot has a layer 2 coin named Subsocial aka SUB. This token is being distributed to the content creators when they write the content. You earn from likes, comment, post etc. 


First thing you should do is get some Polkadot in your wallet. I recommend downloading the Subwallet Chrome widget and use it either on Chrome or Edge. Once you have the minimum 2.5 DOT you can then go to hydration DEX. You need convert the DOT into the SUB token. This would make it easier for you to use SUB in the grillapp. Inside the there is a staking option. You need to stake 2000 SUB and lock it for staking. 


Now that you have locked 2000 SUB tokens you can get paid for your content, likes, staking and also for comments too. You would be able to get back your investment after being active over there. You just have to create original content, make friends and then get the ball rolling. Use the calculators in the staking page and decide how much you want to keep things passive. 

Content writing and getting your mind off things would be a good direction too. Write like you meant it and people would be coming to your content. Avoid those spam and the one liner act like you do on social media. You want to make money then make people read your content by writing content in a flow like that. You are earning Polkadot token indirectly and so be serious about content and then bring value to the social network. 

Give value get value :)

You may want to explore the Subsocial Grillapp here

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