Polkadot’s Moonbeam Now Launches dTrader DEX

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 30 Jul 2021

dTrader is one of the popular decentralized exchange in the DeFi space. A lot of ETH based DeFi projects already make use of the dTrader DEX for it's DeFi functionality. Now the dTrader worked with the Moonbeam team in order to deploy it's DEX in their ecosystem. 

Recently both dTrader and Moonbeam tweeted the announcement of it's respective integration on the moonbeam ecosystem. 


Apart from this announcement there is also going to be an update on it's support for the EVM based chains through Metamask wallet. The support for the metamask wallet will open up the dTrader for various other ETH based tokens and chains. 

Currently dTrdaer is not on the mainnet of the Polkadot as the parachain auction is yet to be won by the Moonbeam. Which means the dTrader DEX has to wait for some time before it can go on mainnet. 

There isn't much news on dTrader to be deployed on the sister-chain Kusama through Moonriver. But there is a chance they may be attempting to do that in near future. 

Polkadot's DeFi is slowly growing and despite the parachain auctions are yet to be won by many projects. They have shown the potential of how they can perform even before reaching the mainnet. Lot of interesting things would be possible in near future as more development is being done on Polkadot Blockchain. 





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