LayerZero Sybil Report: 800K Address Found in Violation!

By Novasky | DevPress | 19 May 2024

LayerZero has been doing the airdrop and they want to get rid of the farmers who farm the tokens. And they recently ran a scheme where they are keeping track of the sybil activity. And they asked the people who farm to gave up on those address so that the LayerZero can take back the tokens they are investing into. 

What is LayerZero? LayerZero is a network protocol that aims to solve congestion and the network problem by enabling secure communication and transfer of data across different blockchain networks. It acts as a bridge, allowing blockchains to interact with each other seamlessly. LayerZero ensures that the transfer of data and assets is secure, trustless. It also supports different types of data transfers, not just cryptocurrencies.

Sybil related tweets were posted by the official account in the past. 

Based on the report 803,093 addresses are being used by the farmers and it would not only make the airdrops kind of suspicious but it'd be reasonable to think of the wallets to be managed by LayerZero to take back those tokens. You can take a look at the Sybil report in the Github here. This airdrop tokens are going to be taken back to the legitimate users who don't farm. 

In short the Sybil update would help the airdrop and also keep the network genuine from this point onwards.

You can check out LayerZero

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