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By CryptOdyssey | CryptOdyssey2Satoshis | 11 Mar 2022

Whether you agree or not, things are a certain way. I can acknowledge that, in fact I usually stand by it.

When I started my cryptodyssey some 18 months ago, and that blossomed into intensive research about 12 months ago, every day was discovery. The little basic things, like what is a wallet and how do you use it, what is this crypto coin or token, etc, each step and small little boundary crossed was a small frontier getting larger, an undiscovered country. I should've done a lot more writing then to document that, it's just that I was so consumed with researching more, I sort of didn't have time to structure nor wanted to. Although, I admit it would've been helpful and I'd have tons of source material to look back on, would've contributed more here and been rewarded for it. I still have all the text conversations with my friends for my own posterity though.

To some degree though it's a little bit like everyone's journey. Many of us pass the same milestones of the basics, intermediary, and so on. Now I know things about economics and trading, crypto currency, and financial systems, things I never would've known in a lifetime otherwise. It's not that I've gotten bored with it, but to some degree the rate of expansion of that horizon has slowed, the rate of discovery is like Armstrong moon steps. Now I'm faced with getting more into programming, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other things that were unimaginable on my horizon 18 months ago. There's only so many times the basics are interesting to see or to cover, and it's hard to step back into those shoes, into those times, to revisit it with the same energy or passion I might have had or the willingness I had to share it.

I wanted to offer more to pub0x when I finally go around to it 6 months after I made my account. But I've realized I've probably long passed the point where it would be productive or rewarding for me to engage here, and there's nothing I can share that isn't already covered 10 or 100 times, except for stuff no one wants to hear or understand. So the best time for myself and for the platform and community to share in the cryptodyssey probably passed before I got started. And now stuff its so complex and the embers cooled that it's probably uninteresting or too difficult for everyone; or maybe it would've been like that the entire time, I mean, I could still do some wallet reviews. Most everyone here knows everything they need to know and are aware of the objects in motion that they need to be aware of, and if not, they likely won't spend very long in that honeymoon phase where everything is fresh and new about crypto. There's a diminishing return to the perpetual mindblowing machine that is crypto, which is normal, but there's also things out there that can suck the life out of you. I've been lucky, but maybe come close to, for example getting hacked. That's maybe a worst case scenario of the things that can dampen your zeal. 

After loosely participating here and poking around and thinking of ideas to cover, I've hit a wall. It's not that I don't have things to say or would like to cover or engage with. I've realized the wall I've hit is pub0x itself and to some small but not insignificant degree the community itself. For me, being on pub0x and seeing it in action and reading so much, that's part of what's done it for me, what has splashed water on some of the optimism. It's not everyone, and I don't even want to say that it's individuals in their entirety or the platform. But there's elements out there, there's something dark, an element of dishonesty about this place and part of some of the people on here. There are things hidden and omitted, something unspoken and unseen, some things not allowed to be spoken of in this new and establishing orthodoxy of crypto. There's a fight or a war going on for the spirit of crypto, and not every part of that is good. On some level I can't and shouldn't be more specific than that because these are complex things and I am only beginning to get familiar with this level of stuff, and on some level I am also probably not allowed to speak further about it, which has abruptly come to my attention in a very surprising way on this platform.

The internet is not a democracy and neither is pub0x. You are the content. So-called centralization is everywhere, even in unexpected places. There's some sort of inconsistent Shrodinger's policies in place here. We are being watched and policed here by each other, and rather than that being an engaging thing, like on an otherwise normal publishing platform, there's an air of silence here, and the nervous smiles that come with it. Don't even try to tow anything but the platform and community's line, whatever that may be at the moment when its decided for you. You will get weeded out, and the platform and community will refine into the perfect image of whatever it is trying and pretending to be, while it also becomes something it will never be able to admit, something not real and not exactly honest. I'm reminded of the reason why they called it the Guilded Age. Which I hope isn't a hint where things are going here and in other places, and with crypto in general, but if I had to weigh in, I think the writing is on the wall. Maybe we will one day all find out what that means exactly as crypto becomes everything and everything becomes crypto.

Ever getting more active on the platform, I've found myself divided and becoming jaded. I can appeal to the community and what it wants to hear, and in effect lie and get rewarded for that, or I can risk everything by being honest. I can either write a wallet review, or bitcoin price update, or I can connect crypto to real life where a story has more value than whatever likes or tips it can get. In effect, it unintentionally encourages a selling of something intangible like a soul or spirit, or a cheapening of things that are supposed to have immeasurable value. I worry about what the community and platform stand for when the answer to that seems empty, neutral, non-existent, or even afraid to answer; the questions land leaden with a thud on timeless, dusty ideas and ideals neglected in recent decades.

If it's perfectly okay to lie to myself to get your upvotes and stack some sats with yet another boiler plate run; some contest, or giveaway, or the price action, or wallet review, or the ten thousandth defi and exchange platform - that's all great and necessary, and I love it: but if it's not okay to be honest, to be real (in all its raw luster and bluster), to connect crypto to real life and things that are supposed to matter to us as individuals, people, and humanity in general. Then why are we doing all this? Is that who we are and where we are going? Incarnated lies, selling our souls? Some day throats will be slit for satoshis, if it hasn't happened already, it will be common place someday. I'm worried that something about crypto has a stillbirth within it, part of it is dead-on arrival, and that is something that could corrupt in unforseen ways.

Cryptopians in general have a lot of soul searching to do and to think about as they weigh their profits. We also need to take stock and consider the things that could be lost. Digitization for example wrecked havoc on things like art, printing, and music, and social media has practically rendered obsolete socializing and media. By going further and digitizing everything imaginable, up to and including our economies and our lives, what could be in the unforeseen consequences, especially what it could stand to do to us as people? What if everything changes one day and something really big is missing that you can't put your finger on it, but it's all around you, and suddenly it's like everything is gone?

If there's open acknowledgement about fiat and Wall Street greed for example, or governments power corrupting them, what could possibly go wrong with crypto and all that it could stand to do? Crypto is the future, I'm sold on that, but as we barrel towards that future, we need to make very sure and crystal clear of at least the risks associated with unknowns, and about whether or not some parts of that future are really part of a future we want, or would want to be part of. Some things we might take for granted today, or that matter to you more than anything, might be abrogated by eternity and lost forever.

Be very, very, careful out there. Especially with the things we are already not allowed to talk about (some of which honestly shouldn't be talked about, but how do you know what's right and what's wrong, when everything has been subject to mere opinion). There's a thought-inquisition happening, and it is indiscriminate with what it considers heresy. It's like they used to pour molten gold and metals down throats, whether you repent or not. This could one day get out of control in ways we are not presently appreciating.

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