Crypto People Review: Analysts and the Fundamentalists 2

Gonna be short and sweet with this one. There are numerous good and even great resources and content creators out there large and small, varying degrees of professionalism and fun. These are my second tiers only because I found them later or found them early and never got around to following up on them closer. There's a huge number of other people I can't cover because I either haven't followed them at all, or they're so buried in the algorithms that they'd be hard to find.

Again, no particular order but I'll start with a clear top choice for myself:


Greg Dickerson

Greg Dickerson (@AGregDickerson) / Twitter

Greg is like your dad or granddad but he's into crypto. I think he's involved or adjacent to real estate and touts 20 years experience in traditional markets. I don't know how long he's been into crypto but he talks about it like its timeless. For almost daily, quick, informative info on the day and a synopsis for all things market related with an emphasis on crypto Greg's an obvs top choice for me here as I've been catching him daily for a while, but he doesn't have the celebrity or influence crowd of it. Go visit him or send the skeptical boomers in your life what a pro crypto boomer looks like.


Crypto Casey

Cryptocurrency for Beginners: with Crypto Casey (Podcast) - Crypto Casey |  Listen Notes

Casey's a trailblazer; more women need to be in crypto so it isn't just a moonboy sausage fest all the time. What I've seen of her she has long format investigative approaches and deep dives ripping into litigation, project fundamentals, and has minute by minute breakdowns of the shit congress says with analysis and commentary. She's a badass and isn't messing around when it comes to crypto, we need more people like her fighting the for Satoshi rights. You need to sub and give her likes.


Trader Cobb

Crypto Trading Interview with Craig Cobb, Founder of Trader Cobb - YouTube

Get your intraweek updates and market scans with Cobb and his trading group. Smaller channel, go give him a sub and likes. He's a trader, a rarer breed of youtube investor, but the sort that's going to help make you a better investor overall. He's coming at us from down under and fills a pretty niche set of hours when it's morning for him and late evening for us. Definitely a pro and good info, and overall entertaining, especially with those lovey Aussie accents and isms.

Lark Davis

Lark Davis holds a huge bag of ERN : r/EthernityChain

For an  entertaining and bubbly joy ride around crypto town Lark is the nerdy everyman most of us need to get our toes dipped into need-to-know developments in things like defi and altcoins everywhere and crypto gaming. I try to give him a watch and a like every time my youtube feed isn't trying to recruit my neurons towards violently overthrowing my local school board.


Data Dash


For another no non-senser with straitforward and professional takes on crypto, Data Dash is solid. I enjoy the lengthier takes, as sometimes it's hard not to want more than a 5 minute warning video about what you already know. Here he goes into some detail and for me ranks high on the consensus mechanism of spouting pure truth and wisdom related to crypto and investing. He doesn't post as frequently as I might like, but I try to catch every video.


Alex Becker

What Alex Becker Can Teach Us About YouTube Marketing - Men of Order

If you like being told you're stupid by a successful crypto minor celebrity, then Alex is for you. He appeals to the contrarian in all of us. Maybe we all need to be shamed for holding blue chips or falling in love with projects, or making newbie mistakes. Alex let's it all hang out and makes navigating crypto look so easy your mom could do it.



Jrny Crypto Tony Wut Face Flag GIF - JRNY Crypto Tony Wut Face Flag -  Discover & Share GIFs

For another nerdy everyman, JRNY is a solid addition to your feed. He's popular enough to have gif's made in his image. What I've seen of him he's pretty no nonsense but has an air of sarcasm, but I've honestly not watched him a whole lot. It's hard not to get distracted with hearing the same things all the time. But he's likeable and has pretty short and sweet and informative videos. Check him out, but he probably doesn't need our help.


Crypto Dubai

Crypto Dubai - YouTube

One of my most recent additions, he seems solid and no-nonsense, seems to care about the space and offering useful and important information to viewers. I was really impressed with his TA. Plus, when someone's living in a Dubai highrise, kind of lends some cred to their crypto skills and veteran status.




Probably the biggest influencer on here. Maybe a bit moony, but what I've seen of him he's actually very informative and keeps things pretty neat, which is probably a German stereotype. I don't know if he is or not,  but it's nice to mix it up with the international non-US crowd. I'm a fan, I just haven't really gotten around to him much, and honestly have somewhat avoided him because of his level of influence, but we can't really fault him for having appeal and quality. 



Meet Kevin Beginning Of The End! Crypto Is In TROUBLE - Bitcoins Inc

Ah, well I was wrong. Kevin is probably the biggest channel on this list. I've also somewhat avoided him for his size. However, the bit that Ive seen has been informative and entertaining. He's newer to crypto and so might be one of the most sophomore people on this list, but like a lot of us, he's just sharing in his journey and presenting what he's learned to help the rest of us. His hair is often the color of crypto.


Crypto Tips

Social Media-Powered Cryptocurrency Pays for This Woman's Solo  Globetrotting | | Observer

Heidi, bringing more representation for the other half of the crypto race, is also a superb badass. She has a lot of short takes, quick updates, and tips, as well as deep dives and tutorials covering a range of topics and projects. She's a heavy hitter imo, but she doesn't pop into my molotov-cocktail tutorial brainwashing algorithm often enough. Crypto doesn't need any help with sex appeal, but we'll take all the help we can get, she will definitely make you want to buy the dips. Let's be honest though, all our crypto influencers are sexy!




ZG is probably the first face you and your family will see when they google "how does I crypto" or "what is crypto wallet." He definitely popped up very early for me and I'm pretty sure I learned some of the first ropes from him. So he's great for this introductory level, but I've neglected to revisit him, I know he does a lot of fundamentals. He's a UK everyman and he's definitely an informative and light hearted watch.


Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Outlines “The Brilliance” of DeFi Following Increased Polygon  (MATIC) Involvement

If Michael Saylor is Bitcoin; Raoul Pal is Ethereum; then Mark Cuban is definitely manic for PolygonMatic. Love them or hate them, agree or disagree with them on whatever else, we need celebrity billionaire market and crypto converts. I'm a fan of Mark's on most fronts, he's definitely got a lot of good takes, as much as he also sometimes flubs up and sounds like he's missing some things. And for as far as successful billionaire investors, he is honestly pretty relatable. I'm glad he's in this space and in this fight with us on our side, fudster billionaires and hedge funds just might listen to people like him.


That's it for this round. I felt bad about the handful I left out last time and wanted to revisit this and offer up more resources that have been useful for myself. It might be a while before I have another follow up to this one, as there are people I don't even know about yet that I'm sure I will find and enjoy and want to promote and share.

Good luck and enjoy your Cryptodyssey folks!

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