Maiar app thwarts your bank's scams!

By carloauria1 | CryptoDash | 9 Mar 2021

What is?

Maiar is a mobile wallet that doubles as a global payments app that bases its operation on the internet-scale performance of the Elrond blockchain. Maiar's incredible strength is to reach over 100,000 transactions per second, to reinvent the way people interact with money, assets, title deeds or any other transfer of value.

Elrond Blockchain

Elrond is a European Blockchain-based startup that was able to pass a market valuation of $ 800 million in less than 3 years. 

The difference between Maiar and the traditional bank

We all have a bank account or traditional postal system which is no different. And sometimes to understand the importance of an innovation we have to relate the change to what we already know and check if there are real and concrete differences in terms of improvement.

As we learn from a detailed description by Blockconomi, by the hand of Nicholas Say's pen, “the world has gotten smaller, but the banking system seems to be bigger than ever. In fact, the money is given and nothing more. With a payment platform like Maiar, people don't need to deal with a bank that is very slow and doesn't even offer the ability to hold currency directly.

It might not be a popular topic, but banks don't actually give people a chance to own money. Instead, when a bank takes a person's money, it is actually owned by the bank. As long as a transaction is processed by a bank, the money in question is owned by the banking system.

People have endured this system out of necessity and ignorance, but now there are other options ”. This description leaves no room for doubt or misunderstanding. Applications such as Maiar's allow the user to manage their money while remaining the sole holder of the same, using efficient services at negligible or zero prices.

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