How do I get involved in "Dapps"
How do I get involved in "Dapps"

By SlothlyD | CryptoDapps | 6 Feb 2020

Well first, lets explain what a Dapp is, a Decentralized Application, running on a Crypto blockchain. One of the first and most note worthy is CryptoKitties (see here). Not only was CryptoKitties one of the biggest blockchain games ever, it's where this little Sloth started his Crypto Journey. Jumping into CryptoKitties there were so many "assets", What should I buy? How do I make money? What's the point in all this? After jumping in and buying a few kitties that looked cool I wondered if there was more to it. This is when I finally realized the most important part of Crypto...Doing your own research!

I'd read a few articles, went as far as joining the Discord to see what was happening, there was so much information? How it make sense of it all?
If only Dappstats has been around, I'd have been able to get more Stats to begin my research. After learning some basics I went on to flip Gen 0 cats, pretty successfully for about a year! This lead me into a worm hole of other Dapps, the good, the bad and some just plain ugly! 

How'd I manage to go all this time without hitting every scam and getting Rekt along the way? By joining Dapp communities,(Telegram has most of Tron communities, Discord is more Eth focused) sharing my experience and feelings about Dapps and listening to others, by looking at the Stats for the contract, seeing how much is going in and out. Learning when to invest, when to Hodl and when to RUN!!! No one has perfected the code, there is no guaranteed profit. You have to take the wins with the losses. No overnight millionaires! Don't get drawn into the hype. Fomo Fomo Fomo!!! That's one way to ensure you're Rekt by the end of the month!

So, some tips for learning the ropes, getting involved at the most basic level and experiencing the good side of Dapps. I'd recommend taking some time to explore Dapps as a whole, check out Dappstats. Find the type of Dapp you want to be involved with, whether it be Casinos and Slots at 888/wink or Topia. Or if you'd rather play card games like Splinterlands or Gods-Unchained. There's also exciting new Dapps coming soon like Boss Battle Royal, Chains of Mir and I've recently tested an exciting Battleships Mobile game which will be dropped soon! Check out any new releases on Dappstats Here

There are endless possibilities for Crypto Dapps, and we're only in the inception period,over the next year the Dapp space should BOOM, not all Dapps are about making/spending Crypto, some can be played for small fees and enjoyed! Making money is a draw for some users, other like myself prefer having fun and enjoying Dapps. With over 1500+ to choose from you're spoiled for choice at Dappstats. Don't forget to check out the latest Crypto news on Dappstats News channel and see all the latest Crypto reviews at Dapps.Buzz. You'll find awesome reviews on Dapps, info on new Dapps soon to be released and they also have an awesome widget that links to DappStats stats in their articles! Try out their Crypto Radio too!

Finally, a little more about DappStats, I don't think I mentioned it yet, if you click through to Dappstats using the link, you should see a message telling you about DappStats VIP, although Dappstats main telegram is filled with all the information you could need and a wide range of opinions on every Dapp. The VIP section is for those more interested in playing Dapps, growing the Crypto community and bringing more users to Dapps in a safe, hassle free environment.

There's many scam going about "send 1 Eth we'll send 10 back", "ROI in 24 hours", "200% ROI guaranteed!". The first time they approach you they might make you think, but anyone that has been in Crypto longer than a week has seen 100s of these, all fake, all scams. Don't get drawn in, if you're ever unsure about anything come ask the Dapp users in Dappsats Telegram or Discord. There is no such thing as a silly question. Especially when it comes to investing your hard earned cash! Come find out everything you need to know to make informed decision about Dapps. If the DappStats community doesn't know they'll link you to someone who does. 

Need help setting up a wallet or Buying your first Crypto? How to keep it safe, Hot/Cold wallets. Exchanges, Dex, Dapps. It's all too moochas!!! Whether you're a Crypto Noob or a Crypto Pro there's something for everyone at DappStats.

Couple other things to mention, 25K VOID contest is on a PlayRoyal (click here to play now) + Dappstats has added a bonus 5K TRX + DST + 3K VOID over lapping the contest for users with Dappstats link. (more info here).

Check out the Dappstats Merch store, Crypto Exchange and take part in the Dappstats Token Sale to earn your share of all Revenue this service provides. I hope to see you in Dappstats community rooms soon, Don't forget to check out the VIP info (Here).


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