Boss Royal - How To
Boss Royal - How To

By SlothlyD | CryptoDapps | 3 Feb 2020

Boss Royal - Alpha - How to Play

Welcome to the Boss Royal How to play, this is brief guide into getting started with the Boss Royal Alpha, they've got plenty of updates to come so things will be changing and this guide will probably be out of date before you're finished reading. If you're already in the Alpha and just needing to know how to move and what to do, jump ahead, you'll see the bold bit and know when to stop.

In order to play the Alpha you must be in the VIP group and be White listed to try the Dapp. Join Boss gaming Telegram (here) and Tag @Liv3Lov3Di3 to gain access (cost 1500trx at time of posting)!

Boss Battle Royal - Alpha 
Check out some in game footage!

When you land on the Alpha, click "sign in", and sign the tronlink transaction to get started.

If you get "not VIP" error logging in message @Liv3Lov3Di3 and he'll white list you!


To join game

Unlock character then click join game. (You can use both characters at the same time, advised to only use 1 until you understand the mechanics, if you have last 2 chars you'll need to kill yourself.

If a game is in progress you'll need to wait until it ends to join.

Congrats, you're ready to start your first game, what now?


How to Play (a semi-brief guide)

The aim of the game is to be the last man standing! Loot or dont, the buildings in the zone then move to the next one, as the zones are destroyed, players will be forced to fight, if another player appears (under buildings on UI) ATTACK. You earn (soon to be added) Experience for your character and BLT (game dividend tokens). Plus earn exp and BLT for kills + BLT every 5 mins you are alive.

In game you can move one space in any direction (including diagonal) through zones. Simply check the map area and click on the zone you want to move to. Red zones are destroyed, orange will be in the next 20 sec 

351665157-119fa20a09a25aeedaa88363d6005404f7a13d19de287c23412e74fe737bbdc3.png    351665157-cc3efff4da21761d48ad9cd3ece1322007b737469707724b28fed5839dd6f6b5.png

When you start, check the map for your character and consider your next move. You can (and should) loot some buildings to find items and BLT! 
Players have 5 second Cool Down between actions. So don't panic if you don't react first click every time, check the CD next to your player

Player Actions = Looting/Attacking/Moving/Using or Equipping items (5 sec CD)
Cooldowns might be changed during testing.

Next decide to equip your items or move to the next zone, be careful, if an enemy player is there. Attack or move. Consider your damage and pay attention to your health, remember your CD, if they move into your zone you should have a chance to attack first. Pay attention 😉

If there is an enemy they'll appear under the buildings:



Click inventory to equip the items you find by looting buildings.
Remember to equip new armor if it's destroyed


Some basic stats

(more details soon, this is just the alpha 😉)

Medikits + 500 HP
Toilet paper (bandages) +100 HP

Grenades: 200 AOE damage

Play about with different items to see their stats, some info below (full guide coming soon):

Damage = level attack + gun DMGS
Sniper > ak > m4 > shotgun > smg > pistoles > knife

You can keep an eye on players remaining your score on the right hand side. See how much Tokens and TRX you've earned in game  in real time!


UI updates coming soon, mainly testing game mechanics! Remember this is the ALPHA test of Boss Battle Royal, we expect you stress test and find some issue, please let @Liv3Lov3Di3 know in the Boss VIP telegram if you find any. We hope you Enjoy!


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