Boss Gaming, The Evolution of Blockchain Gaming!
Boss Gaming, The Evolution of Blockchain Gaming!

By SlothlyD | CryptoDapps | 3 Feb 2020


Boss Gaming PvP!

Bringing Battle Royal to the blockchain! 


The time is now, Crypto games have reached the next level!

After successfully acquiring Void Token, one of the two main deflationary tokens on Tron, introducing a new exchange and Liquidity revenue (more info here). Boss gaming is ready to advance to the next stage of their development and looking forward to the launch of PvP Battle Royal, Set to launch on the main site Boss Gaming by the end of the month.

View the Whitepaper to find out all the details of Boss Gaming and partnerships.  We'll take a look at some of the main info in this article.


BOSS token sale is now open: 
Bosspvp Token Sale

Token sale info: 1 Boss = 1 TRX
Public sale limit: 10,000 per buy.
BOSS earns 10% of all Dapp Vol
2,000,000 sold at each Dapp release until the entire supply has been distributed.
20,000,000 total supply.

Soft listed on Poloniex for P2P trading. 
Will be officially listed after we have launched!

Boss tokens are also usable on Play.Royal dice.


To sign up for Boss Gaming VIP:
Join Boss Gaming Telegram channel and tag @Liv3Lov3Di3 for VIP access, cost 1500 TRX at time of writing more info below:


Early access to each token sale
Beta access to all games, as well as special unlocks to be carried over to the official release.
Profit sharing system to be set up in April
More benefits in the works!

Currently open to VIP users, Alpha testing for the Battle Royal on the Tron Shasta Testnet! Full details are coming soon.
(Quick start guide

Bosspvp Token Sale
Void Token

Remember to check out all the Latest Dapps and Stats at, give Boss and Void an upvote?
Boss gaming on
Void Token on

Helpful Video if anyone needs more info.
For those that would rather watch and read ;)


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