Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Margin Trading

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Margin Trading

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges currently offering margin trading, so it is very likely that you will be embarrassed when choosing. The following is a list of top options for traders who prefer to trade funds (Margin)


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1. BitMEX

It would be wrong not to mention BitMEX first, since this is currently the leading exchange platform for margin trading. Proud of a very high volume of daily transactions, it shows that BitMEX is often the first choice for many professional traders. All you need is an email to get started. But remember that those in the United States will not be able to use BitMEX.

BitMEX is one of the few exchanges that provides leverage for Bitcoin up to 100 times. It also supports Bitcoin Cash (leverage up to x20), Cardano (x20), Ethereum (x50), ...


2. StormGain

StormGain is undoubtedly the latest exchange platform on this list, but it doesn't mean it will forever be a "small" fish. Just an email to register, this is the only legal place besides BitMEX and PrimeXBT to trade Bitcoin with leverage up to 100 times.

All profits are calculated in USDT with commission rate of only 0.08%.

The floor is aiming to become a competitor to BitMex. Up to now, the floor has supported Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

3. Binance

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world by trading volume - but do you know they also support margin trading with up to 3 leverage? This level will soon be increased in the near future to support up to x20.

Fees made by BNB and most of the leading altcoin (and of course Bitcoin) are supported for margin trading.


4. Kraken

Kraken has proven itself over the past few years to be a leading safety exchange platform in both the United States and Europe by volume. Besides, the floor also boasts a vibrant active margin trading community.

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum (ETC), XMR (Monero) and other altcoin types are available for margin trading in many different currencies. The maximum leverage that Kraken supports is 5x.


5. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT has grown strongly since 2018 and confronted directly with BitMex. Over the past time, it has achieved about $ 100 million in daily trading volume. Above all, the floor supports leverage up to 100 times for both BTC and ETH, for all who dare to take risks.

Currently, the exchange platform supports leverage up to 100 times for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and EOS (EOS)



Now you know the leading platforms for margin trading in the cryptocurrency world. If you want to "practice", start with small amounts and small leverage. Feel the market.

However, always be cautious: if there is no appropriate risk assessment in margin trading, you will have a bad time.


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