How I’m Making 250 BAT/Month Passively At Publish0x (And You Can Do it Too)

How I’m Making 250 BAT/Month Passively At Publish0x (And You Can Do it Too)

By Mr.CryptoWiki | cryptocurrency | 19 Mar 2020

Hi everyone! 

You may know me from my “What is X” series where I try to sum up popular crypto projects from the top100 coinmarketcap range. In this post I’ll explain to you why I’m writing these and how they give me pretty much a passive income these days. 

Before we start, short story about me:

I joined publish0x last year in September and saw the potential of earning some crypto for writing content. Started my journey with an article on What is Litecoin and was really surprised how the community liked it. As for a guy who doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel I continued with the same angle for my next articles and kept rolling like this for another few months summarizing and describing many crypto projects. 

You can view all of them in my profile

I was lucky to hit a golden angle from the very first article. I have noticed that many days after writing that first piece on What is Litecoin it was still bringing me some tokens via tips from users even in my sleep so i was pretty happy about it.

It was something that kept me going to continue writing more and more as I saw some kind of compound here, that with each new article written I had more tokens in my account.

I have stopped writing for a couple of weeks now but my articles make me around 250 BAT /month + some DAI and Hydro tokens that make it $30/mo. Last month (Feb 2020) it was nearly $50 in total before the market crashed. Keep in mind that your earnings at publish0x fluctuate together with the market, since you get tipped in tokens. 

For many $30/50 might not be much, but what’s worth mentioning here is that back in 2011 Vitalik Buterin (yeah, the founder of Ethereum) used to write crypto articles for - I don’t recall what interview it was but he mentioned something around earning 1BTC per article, which was a mere $4-5 at that time.


Assuming he earned ‘just’ 1 BTC per article back in 2011 and he wrote 267 articles in total for Bitcoin Magazine, we can do a rough estimate that he had ~267 Bitcoins in his wallet that were worth maybe $1000-1500 back then? 

I will leave the math to you guys how much his work was worth in late 2017 when Bitcoin hit $19K? 

Ok well I just did the math actually and his 267 Bitcoins were worth approx. $5,000,000 at its peak. Not so bad for an underpaid writer, huh?

While I honestly doubt that BAT or Hydro or some other token that gets integrated into publish0x will increase so dramatically in price such as bitcoin did, I still do believe these are a good long term holds and that’s why I’m investing my time into writing these articles now to get these tokens and in the future not only profit from my passive income that I make from the articles but also xxx gains on these tokens. 

Now in this post I want to reveal some of my strategies I developed over time to get your content seen and make your articles make you passive income at publish0x.

Oh, one final note before we get started: This method requires work to put in and it’s definitely not some quick scheme for passive income.

4 Golden Rules For Articles at Publish0x to Make You Passive Money (Even While You Sleep)

1. Cover What People Want To Read About

This might sound obvious at first, but how do you actually know what people want to read about? Is it about Ethereum blockchain, or maybe you should cover some recent Tezos partnerships...or maybe explain the difference between IOTA and EOS? 

Which angle can bring you a big audience to tip your article and let you earn tips in your sleep?

Well, I have a crystal ball for you that can help you figure out what kind of topic to cover. The magic website is called:


After you land on its homepage, type in let’s say bitcoin and see what happens

Give it up to a minute for the results to load…

What you’ll see is amazing:


You’ll actually see 3 circles like this full of, in this case, Bitcoin questions, prepositions and comparisons. These are called ‘keywords’ and from now on I’ll refer to them like that.

Each keyword is accompanied with a green dot with a different shade. The stronger green shade the more popular keyword it. 

How does this website know what’s popular and what not? As far I know they source their data from google keyword planner and ahrefs, 2 popular tools used by marketers help them with content and ad strategies. puts everything nicely in one place and it’s free :)

Ok let’s get back to our search results. Let’s take a cut out of this pie and take a closer look


Personally, seeing just this piece of the pie I can see some interesting angles for you to cover. That would be: 

  • Bitcoin or ethereum
  • Bitcoin or XRP
  • Bitcoin and bitcoin cash

These are the angles that will last for years and people will search for them and look for answers to, unlike Bitcoin and Brexit where indeed, it’s a hot topic too at the moment but once the UK leaves European Union the interest will fade and probably won’t earn you tips in your sleep in 6 months from now. 

However that brexit angle is still good for some short term ‘game’ so to speak. 

Ok, let’s go back to the topics we have chosen. Let’s say you decided to go ahead with the ‘bitcoin or ethereum’ thing. 

Cool cool...but you can’t title your article just like that. It’s boring and people might not click on that. 

Let’s tweak it a little, shall we?

What about:

  1. Bitcoin or Ethereum - Which one is better for long term investment?
  2. Bitcoin or Ethereum (Ultimate Comparison)
  3. Bitcoin and Ethereum - TOP5 Things You Didn’t Know

...the list of keyword extensions is only limited by your imagination. 

Now you know what to write about so let’s focus on how to write it!

2. How To Write Content That Doesn’t Make People Fall Asleep

I see this problem occurs pretty much everywhere at publish0x. You can be writing a really exciting story but if it’s not visually appealing then people will barely read it. Here’s what I mean by that…

Usually when people land on an article's page the very first thing they do is to scroll thru to the end, skimming through the headlines, images, structure of the content and its length.

If they see something catchy it increases the chance they stay on page and read your content. That’s why you should make sure that:

  1. Your content isn’t just one big text wall. Make as many breaks between paragraphs to let people take tiny breaks while reading. It helps a lot! Take a look how I structure my articles:
  2. Subheadlines: make sure these are catchy as well, here’s an example:

History of Ethereum


History of Ethereum is Very Exciting

You can tell right away which subheading is more eye-catchy, right?

I admit it’s something I have realized just recently, so you won’t see many subheadings like this in my series :/

1. Images, images, images

( imagine Steve Ballmer screams: ‘images’ instead )

People tend to consume content visually first. That’s why instagram and tiktok are top social platforms now and facebook slows down. Make sure to include images in your content, the funnier/informative the better. 

Avoid stock images, please? Unless it’s with Harold then you are all set!

2. Engage with your readers

What I mean by that is to start some conversation with your reader. Don’t make your text sound as if you were just talking with yourself. Ask questions between the paragraphs to the readers what they think about what you just wrote and give them an answer in the next part of the text. 

Make them feel as if you talked to them while they read!

Ok, since you know what to write and how to it, let me give you some tips on how to make your content get discovered!

3. Make sure your content gets seen and sticks around!

It is the worst feeling when you put a lot of time into research and writing just to find out people can’t discover your masterpiece. Here’s what has helped me back in the days to get the ball rolling and expand my follower base:

1. Share your content on reddit.

It sounds simple and it is, but it’s a way to get extra exposure over other publish0x users and make your content stand out.

Let’s say you wrote a piece on “Bitcoin and Ethereum - TOP5 Things You Didn’t Know

With an article like this, you can easily submit the link to your article in various ethereum and bitcoin subreddits, including the general r/cryptocurrency one. 

2. Discord groups - this has to be done very carefully. You can’t just hop into a random discord channel and paste a link into your article or you’ll get banned in no time. Take your time to follow up with the ongoing conversation, engage a bit and then post a link to your article using some nice invitation or reason why people should click and read it.

3. Telegram groups - same rules apply as for discord.

4. Twitter - this one is very powerful if done correctly. You want your story to go viral, right? Here’s what makes stories go viral: cut the most interesting part from your piece and paste it into the post's description. Can be even a short sentence or some statistics that will blow people’s mind. 

Oh, and don’t forget to tag it properly!

5. Publish0x - What you can do to make your content get discovered easier is to tag it properly as well. If you don’t tag your “Bitcoin and Ethereum - TOP5 Things You Didn’t Know” with #bitcoin nor #ethereum then it will most likely sink down the hole forever :/

Make sure your articles get properly tagged and they will stick around for a long time, I promise!

4. Extra Tips To Boost Your Earnings and Follower Base

1. After discovering a good angle (headlines) that work for you and feeling like writing more - stick to them! A fantastic example of sticking to what works is SkinnerCrypto:

He joined in January this year and he’s got already over 1k followers. Amazing!

Now, if you look up his headlines structure, they often end up with something like:

- Here’s What I Learned
- Here’s What Happened
- Here’s What I Discovered

You can see the pattern, right? Find your own thing and stick to it, make your content recognizable that way :)

2. One weird trick I just recently started to use to earn more is to link to your previous articles in the intro. It doesn’t get any easier and it brings results (extra traffic to your previous articles!)

ICHeXby.pngThat’s pretty much what I do. My advice is to not paste too many links to your previous articles as when readers have too many choices they might end up clicking on none. 2-3 links is fair enough.

3. The last tip that I haven’t used myself but saw it works great for others is to write yourself the first comment right after publishing the article. Ask a simple question regarding what you just wrote, for example: What do you guys think about Ethereum and Bitcoin? Which one is a better long term investment?” 

Now sit back and watch how people comment under your article and more people stick around, read your content and tip you!

OK, well, this post turned out to be much longer than I expected but hope it will help some of you to get better at writing and boost your income stream. Treat your articles at publish0x as an asset that can make you money over time. 


In crypto since 2002 ;)


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