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What Is Hydro (HYDRO)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Hydro]

17 Jan 2020 9 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

It’s been a decade since Bitcoin came around and since then we have seen many different kinds of projects come up. Some are working on what are pointless use cases - you have a blockchain for almost everything these days. These projects can make it s...

What Is WaykiChain (WICC)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding WaykiChain]

8 Jan 2020 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

WaykiChain is another third-generation blockchain platform that supports Turing-complete smart contracts to ease adoptions from the non-crypto community. You can compare it with the likes of EOS because WaykiChain also implements Delegated Proof of...

What Is FunFair (FUN)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding FunFair]

5 Jan 2020 7 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

For a long time, the Ethereum platform has been accused of not providing enough real values to the world of decentralized applications (dApps). Many Ethereum skeptics often say that Ethereum has not been doing enough job to promote the usage of dApp...

What Is Decentraland (MANA)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Decentraland]

31 Dec 2019 7 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

In the past few years, the world of blockchain has been criticized continuously by both outsiders and skeptics. Their typical argument is usually more about the lack of real use-cases rather than about the underlying technology itself. Yes, most dec...

What Is Power Ledger (POWR)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Power Ledger]

30 Dec 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s not easy to find a unique project that is not trying to be an all-in-one solution for everything. In other words, it’s not easy to find something that does not try to be a “newer and faster” Ethereum. Finding a...

What is Ren (REN)? [A Comprehensive Guide to REN]

11 Dec 2019 9 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

It’s been 10 years since the blockchain and cryptocurrency market was born, but it’s still anything but mature. Only now has it gotten the attention of incumbents in existing industries and gained a legitimacy that shows that it is here to stay - aft...

What is WAX (WAXP)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding WAX]

9 Dec 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

Did you know there were almost 1.82 billion video gamers across the world in 2014 and that this figure is expected to rise to over 2.7 billion gamers by 2021?  Did you know the gaming market generated somewhere around $138.7 billion in revenue in 201...

What is Beam (BEAM)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Beam]

5 Dec 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world back in 2009, it gave the world a great hope for an independent, dis-inflationary, and decentralized currency. It was also widely believed that Bitcoin provided financial anonymity. People thought...

What is GXChain (GXC)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding GXChain]

5 Dec 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

Within the past decade, the internet has rapidly developed and now plays an integral part in our everyday lives. We use it for connecting with friends, playing games, listening to music, watching movies, shopping online, banking, applying for jobs, e...

What is Zcoin (XZC)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Zcoin]

4 Dec 2019 6 minute read Mr.CryptoWiki

There was a time when Bitcoin received a lot of criticism for being difficult to trace. In fact, there was a common misconception going about that it was anonymous, when in fact it was not, as it was only pseudonymous. It has long been proven that Bi...