Update to Chainlink and BTC.

Hello Crypto Friends!

I have done some more analysis here - BTC

My previous Chainlink Analysis has now flipped. The Ascending triangle has been voided


As you can see, we have lost the trend line. Although the bulls are trying to hold, i think we see a nice pullback. Which is to be expected after hitting a new all time high.


Target no.1 has been met. I should have drank more coffee this morning.

Target 2 will probably be hit after some consolidation and correction -351665157-eb2b07ce6a7ffb7ef32697eebfee1df43a6eb905aa0fbc872c751555bd4e2c70.png


So where do i think The pullback will go to -


Maybe a the highly bullish scenario of the 21 EMA and the .382. But most likely the 55 EMA and the .5 fib. If things get really ugly then the .618 and 200 MA. 

We will have to wait and see what patterns occur and how the price reacts.


Happy Trading!!



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Cryptocurrency trading tips and tricks
Cryptocurrency trading tips and tricks

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