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BTC Analysis

13 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! BTC is up and down alot in the past day or two. However a few signals are being given- On the Daily, It has clearly broken out of the channel. Stochs are now pointing down. Yesterday we had a small jump up and got rejected by t...

BTC update!

12 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! So BTC was unable to break the $7400 level.  I exited my long positions for a small loss as i recognized it wasn't performing as i was expecting. You can't win 100% of trades and this is a key thing to recognize and learn quickl...

Trading Challenge update

8 Apr 2020 1 minute read 2 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! A quick update on the challenge- I am now sitting on over 0.02 BTC, so more than double the starting amount. One of the reasons i used Phemex was because i wanted to test the platform. I have used some of the BTC and converted...

BTC Update

8 Apr 2020 1 minute read 1 comment AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! A quick update on BTC- On the daily we have the wedge top trend line acting as resistance here as well as the 0.5 Fib and the 55 EMA - As we are in an uptrend, its good to use EMA's for guidance. What we can see is the 55 EMA...

Choo Choo Chainlink update!

7 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! As i thought, the Chainlink train has left the station! First stop the 55 EMA and 618 fib i think, around the $2.70-$2.80 mark. However- The measured move puts it at around $2.90, just above the 618 I would expect some consoli...

BTC Update

7 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! Just a quick update on BTC's movement. On the Daily- Resistance on the 55 EMA and the top of the wedge.  About to close above the 0.5 fib level though which should be a nice support level in the coming day or 2 if we see some...


4 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends!! As you know Link is one of my favorite altcoins, and boy oh boy does the chart scream at me now! Of course we have to always keep BTC in the back of our minds, however with my bullish bias now in play i believe this coin can wo...

BTC bullish April!?? 🧨🧨

4 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! Sooooo April is here already...  My last post had a bearish outlook on BTC. I admit i took a loss on that trade as the Head and Shoulders pattern was negated. But that is part of trading right. You can't be right 100% of the tim...

BTC Update

30 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends! Here is what i am looking at right now- The daily has been rejected off that 21 EMA yet again. The Distribution wave is still decreasing. The 6 hr shows a nice symmetrical triangle which i am assuming will break to downside....

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 1 minute read 12 comments AlexRypto

Hello Crypto Friends Update on my trade also a quick insight to where BTC might be headed in the near future. As you can see in the above pic. I am looking for this descending triangle on the 5 min to break down to around the $6077 mark. This is par...


Is Bitcoin SV (BSV) a Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

20 Dec 2019 CryptoBoomer

30 March 2020
This coin was made by a fraud, so it most likely is a fraud also XD

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
Watch out for this (new chart posted), means shorts are in trouble!

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
updated agin for the boom

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
updated more 4 ya

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
more charts updated in real time, which show you can trade this in different ways, more risk more profits...

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
updated new charts for ya

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
Now wait for the MFI to hit the same line and we should be good for a reversal

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
Oh. No it has not broken yet! I wrote looking for it to break. Thats at the 6270 mark, we still have to wait for this descending wedge to break. we could still hit 6060..... Did you create a chart, if not i am posting it. See how the rsi is on the trend line of divergence here?

Trade 6 and 7 update

29 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

29 March 2020
That 6062.7 line was just a support line from previous, the target for the descending triangle was around 6077-6097 mark, u can't be exact with these you just have to know its somewhere in that area. If you know the principlaes and follow the charts you can adapt as it happens. This is why layering your orders in and around targets is a good idea especially when looking at crack trading 5 min charts XD!

Trade 5 fail + trade 6 setup

25 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

28 March 2020
Just be careful though, coz i have a chart which makes this the bounce area up to 8k....

Taxes and bureaucracy! Entrepreneurship Killers!

28 Mar 2020 teutonium

28 March 2020
They tax you to get a government balance to spend on stuff we need derrrrrr. They can also print money too whenever they feel like it.

Trade 5 fail + trade 6 setup

25 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

28 March 2020
No problem, seeing the first area hit now, i expect a little bounce from here@ 6130ish. But around 5800 should be the target for the first dip.

The Tipping Process Will Soon Be Changed At Publish0x For The Better

26 Mar 2020 Smoljanović

26 March 2020
How do you know the tipping format is changing? I can't see anything about it anywhere.

👓Beginners step by step guide to basic trading👓

25 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

25 March 2020
Well, when using different time intervals, trying to use natural time intervals, you would need to constantly change your EMA numbers. Fibonacci actually is a natural number, its in all nature. Just play around with the different fib numbers in your EMA's, for example on daily chart put in '987' or '1597'


20 Mar 2020 CryptoBitcoinChris

22 March 2020
Hey Chris, i'm working on a project, using smart contracts to facilitate a trading group. This could be something of interest to you? Want to give you my email address but not sure if i should post it publicly here....

Markets Crash - Try to Stay Positive

17 Mar 2020 Otek

17 March 2020
Stay positive by shorting XD

BTC analysis

14 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

14 March 2020
I think everybody would like that chance! However if the price dropped there suddenly would you overcome the fear of "what if it goes to 0?" or "what if it drops to 200?" I personally don't think it will drop that low, who is actually willing to sell at that price? If they are willing, why?

Quick update on BAT

1 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

01 March 2020
Where are you getting free BAT? I get BAT for viewing ads, which is paid for by the advertising company. I get BAT for publishing and viewing posts on Publis0x. This i'm guessing is paid for by Brave with the massive Brave banner at the top of the website and pop ups to people not using Brave. So its actually advertising money.

Quick update on BAT

1 Mar 2020 AlexRypto

01 March 2020
No doubt! But i think btc not going up just yet.....

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The #toiletpapercrisis : Australian First Edition

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We don't own a TV, read newspapers or listen to the radio. So I tend to not keep up with the current news. Unless it crypto related and even that can be pretty boring and repetitive in the main crypto channels. Wednesday 4 March While trolling on Twi...

Brave Purchases half a MILLION BAT From the Market - Why is it a Big Deal?

10 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Brawnd0

Hello fellow Brave and BAT believers, I’ve got some mildly interesting news concerning the project that may have slipped past you.  The Brave team has repurchased over half a million - about 534,000 - BAT tokens, as a result of great performance with...

ETH Trend Blowout

9 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Betsy Malone

courtesy of graur codrin Hey, what's up with Ethereum?   Strategy A couple of weeks ago, I posted a 4-Hour chart on ETH for a pullback using the Elliott Wave Principle, and an alternative Daily chart using a buy on the dip strategy.  Elliott Wave a...

Top 3 Ways to Earn BAT on Brave Browser

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You can earn more Basic Attention Token (BAT) on the Brave Browser by choosing to view Brave Ads, Becoming a Brave Creator, and through Brave Referrals. With an exceptionally strong fundamentals and a potential for massive price appreciation few year...

Why You Should Switch to Brave Browser NOW

7 Mar 2020 5 minute read comments CryptoSorted

Imagine that everywhere you go, everything you do on the internet; are tracked and closely monitored. Then all of the information gathered about you is sold to the highest bidder by the internet giants (you know them). That’s how the internet works t...

How To Withdraw your ERC20 Token From Publish0x And GET $10 IN TWT TOKEN EXTRA 🤩

5 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

I recognized that many new users here on publish0x are not sure what kind of wallet they have to use to withdraw their earned ERC20 Tokens from publish0x. For this reason, I decided to write this post and I hope that I can provide you with some usefu...



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