BTC, Chainlink and BAT

BTC, Chainlink and BAT

Hello Crypto Friends!!

I hope everyone is well! 

Its time! The opportunity of a lifetime has come! If you have been following me then you will know that all targets have been hit!

Lets start with BTC -



So, we had the Head and Shoulders form after the rising wedge, which broke down. Then we had a little consolidation and weekend pump.

Now we have -


Completed the move down to my target of 7600-7700. We have dipped out the bottom of the wedge and touched the legacy trend line.

Oh it doesn't get much better than this!! 

What i expect now, is for the price to get back into the wedge, and from there, break up. 

For those that do not know, if a falling wedge has a "dip" out the bottom, then the probability of it breaking upwards and hitting the target is higher.

Of course we still have to get back into the wedge, so i am speculating here. This is not financial advice.

Warren Buffet - "Buy when there is blood in the street."




Previously, i said Chainlink was in a Megaphone structure, and that any test of the bottom trendline would be a massive buy signal.

Well -


We got that test.... I am now looking at the $7 mark for Chainlink. 

Of course any break below that trendline, and we could see a big decline, however with the strength that Chianlink has shown, i don't think its likely.




I was looking for a test of the .786 with a dip below the trend line. We have gotten that. 

In a falling wedge pattern. I think we stay below the trend line for little while, with some sideways movement, then i expect a break up.

All in all everything is looking good. I am excited for the future!


Happy Trading!



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Cryptocurrency trading tips and tricks

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