Farm is exploding! Farm price prediction

Farm is exploding! Farm price prediction

Finally, after FARM and IFARM crashed, it is starting to recover. It did slowly, but now it exploded upwards.
Price Prediction-

Either one of three things I believe could happen with Farm price :

1) Farm price(will probably in my opinion) consolidate about 200$ or less and then continue its upward trend.

2) Farm price(Less likely)could keep going up and up without any consolidation. This, however, will make for a bigger consolidation once people start taking profit.

3) (Pretty unlikely IMO) Farm will start a downward trend.

I personally think #1 is the most likely scenario, but that is just my opinion.

So price Prediction: 300$ in a few days

Feel free to follow if you want more price predictions! I am personally very bullish on FARM.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not financial advice and should not be taken as financial advice. This is merely my opinion

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