Unibright UBT - Building momentum

Unibright UBT - Building momentum

UBT Where are we now ?

Since my widely circulated bullish UBT articles (click here). The past weeks growth (in every facet) appears to be heading towards the general bullish thrust of my predictions.


I and others had been vocal about an ideal scenario of UBT obtaining a listing of a mid-range exchange. As many of you know this bit of wishful thinking came to fruition on the xxth of May when UBT achieved a listing on Bittrex Global. Bittrex is a top of the range exchange who put security at their forefront. In my opinion, both complement each other and it ultimately provides UBT the perfect springboard opportunity.


Two other stand out points of growth were the detailed demonstration of Unibrights Freequity exchange solution. For me this indicated more evidence that Unibright have a firm understanding of both the crypto ecosystem and traditional system. It is also worth noting any team who are set on building an innovative Security Token Offering crypto exchange solution truly understand the foundational concepts of how to grow value – thus, in this digita wild west frontier we are on strong hands


The recent SAP and Microsoft baseline demo indicated how pivotal a role Unibright play within the Baseline Protocol (it’s a technique also enterprise need not just build solely on Ethereum mainnet, side chains can be utilised if / when required ! – according to John Wolpert).


Whats more the demo provided a perfect example of why Unibright came about - in main ‘to apply enterprise / business / corporation to blockchain’. The demo clearly proves Unibright are on with this and thus are delivering on their promise.


In the near future I expect more steady news and growth to emerge from Baseline Protocol – it is one of those things where big news could drop at any moment. In whole, the entire Baseline project will take years to fulfil so we can be sure to see steady growth as the project scales and attracts more interest. What’s more I believe Unibright are at a stage where other crypto projects and exchanges are assessing Unibright, it is highly possible more partnerships and even listings are in the works.


Unibright are on the on a wave that isn’t truly formed yet, a wave that may grow in enormous scale – that wave is the enterprise to blockchain narrative. The potential is vast, Hodl and educate ! 




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Cryptocurrency opportunity
Cryptocurrency opportunity

Looking at many opportunities of this emerging world changing revolution.

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