NovaExchange exit scam ?

Not that i ever suggested this exchange anywhere as i had bad feeling (it was already dead once).
Lately, there was loud about it because after Cryptopia did exit scam (or a hack whatever you call it) they started adding for free all coins that were there gaining some momentum.

Yet today we got email:

  1. This is purely a Business Decision.
  2. There has been no hack.
  3. There has been no fraud.
  4. There has not been any wrongdoing of any kind whatsoever.
  5. Nova Exchange will not assume responsibility for swaps or forks starting from today onwards.


Okay so they close.. but the funny part now. And by funny i mean.. "funny" as its not.

What happens now?
Obviously you, as a trader, are encouraged to withdraw your funds as soon as possible. Our team stands ready to help you get a smooth withdrawal process. However, the rules regarding identification (KYC), as stated in the terms of service that you have accepted when opening your account, must, and will, stand.
No identification - No withdrawal.
It is as simple as that. Even though trading will close, we must comply with the law, and make sure that all funds end up with the rightful owner.
The Nova platform will be open for regular withdrawals for one month after this announcement; that is until October 25th at 23:59 (CEST)

So you have to KYC to some scammy site thats closing for 2nd or 3rd time to get money out. People on the portals chat say they cannot withdrawal and it takes days for KYC to fit.

This is why there is NO KYC Exchanges LIST which is verified all the time

Whole list above but a few that i traded and withdrew in last 48h with no problems are:

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would call it younger brother of Binance with many NEO and ETH pairs
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • BitMax - free transaction mining and fees share of what exchange makes with BTMX tokens
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • Coinex - ETH BCH BTC EOS pairs
  • CryptoBridge - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM



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