Deposited Wrong to Okex? Guide to Get Coins Back

Deposited Wrong to Okex? Guide to Get Coins Back

Sometimes when doing deposits to exchanges you can do a mistake.. Ie send STEEM to SBD, send BTC to BCH or use wrong memo on a lot of things.

Every exchange has different ways to operate that, but 99% times ends with KYC.

Okex is an amazing spot, if you never tried it REGISTER HERE WITH A BONUS

Needs KYC but has leverages, perpetuals and a lot more. One of most advanced places especially if you remember OkCoin that used to push BTC up and down itself with BitFinex- ALSO BONUS TO REGISTER in the old times of 2013-2015.

Anyways if you make wrong deposit here is how to get tokens back frok Okex and OkCoin.

Please prepare a video
a. of you logging into your exchange
b. going to your withdrawal record page
c. showing this transaction with the details (coin type, amount, txid)
d. please also show the withdrawal address

Please also prepare a handwritten note:
"I (customer name), (Country) Passport/ID holder with number XXXXX, deposited XXX(Amount) of (Crypto token) on Date (DD/MM/YY) at Time (HH/MM/), into my OKEX account, registered with mobile number/email ID (phone number/email address). The mentioned token did not arrive into my OKEX account because I did not enter the correct memo during the deposit process. I hereby declare that the details furnished above are correct and once the token is credit into my OKEX account, the case is considered fully resolved.".
Please sign the announcement with your full name and date
You can show the handwritten note in the video, or it can be a separate file. Please attach both of this in an email and send this to

Pretty fair to avoid scams and phished deposits, yet be aware so - check 3 times when deposting.

OKeX Markets

OKB is their native coin used for many things and trades on few exchanges.



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