Financial market analysis + AMPL

Financial market analysis + AMPL

AMPL possible decrease. The volume increases resulting in a downward implus.

There is no point in writing much. The cryptocurrency has gone beyond its zone anyway, so it is very high. The contradiction with which it was designed makes it difficult to pump, but when it does, the pump does not last long. Unlike other cryptocurrencies. Here, if the price reaches a price above the dollar, the surplus is taken from investors, which causes the price to stabilize, and when below the dollar, the system adds the currency to the portfolios. We can see that the current price is well above the 1USD level. The current volume is getting bigger and investors are selling bigger and bigger quantities as the price goes down which gives a sell signal. Breaking the level marked with a cross may give an increase impulse, but it must occur together with high revolutions.



XAUUSD As planned, what's next?

I am thinking of adding images from the previous analysis so that I can see how effective the analyzes are. In the last Monday review, the analyzed gold behaved as expected. Reaching the designated trend line formation and continuation of the new move. This time what am I waiting for? For a further decline once it has started. He is planning a rebound in the support zone, but it is not the final level, because only the market will tell if it will stop there. In the event of a breakthrough from yesterday, I will consider long again as it will also coincide with the crossing of the trend line along the price peaks.


Silver similar to gold

As in the title, the situation on the silver market looks similar to gold, but not the same. You can see uniform movement in the direction, without major corrections, as in the case of gold. We expect to reach the designated level in proportion to the gold, so there is also a chance when one metal is slightly behind, the other one may deepen the movement, before the correct breakout. As in every analysis, I emphasize that the determined level is indicative, and we will not catch the hole without a prior signal! We are waiting for the price to react and give any signal that it may start to rise.


EURUSD has a chance to rise further

The European currency in tandem with the US dollar continues to stay above the local trend line and below the main trend line. Only breaking the support shown at the bottom will give us an open path to further declines, but until then we remain positive about further gains.


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Cryptocurrency markets analysis
Cryptocurrency markets analysis

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