Week 6: Results of Arbitrage Trading: Game over

Week 6: Results of Arbitrage Trading: Game over

This was the sixth week i am trading on L7 trade and this are my results: Game over, the end i lost my money.

The site went down for maintenance on monday and dissappeard lateron that day.

According to the owners of L7 they got hacked and all the funds are safe. They build a new platform which will be open in 2 weeks.

I hope it is true and i can get my money back and continue trading. 

I have hope because their ETH is still in the same wallet:


But as long as the site isnt online any more i consider my money as lost. I have written of my funds and took my loss.

I wanted to become a millionaire with arbitrage trading and stop working.

I learned my lesson and will probably have to work the rest of my life. 

And when something is to good to be true it probably is.

Still the platform was build up very good and i really beleive in this principle of arbitrage trading. 

My greed made me ignore redflags and the only thing i wanted was more profit.

The result of week 6 is as follows:

BTC -100%

BCH -100%

BSV -100%

BTG -100%

ETH -100%

DASH -100%

LTC -100%

XLM -100%

XRP -100%

ZEC -100%

For now i quit arbitrage trading, everyone else:

Good luck earning!


Crypto is my hobby

Cryptocurrency is my new hobby
Cryptocurrency is my new hobby

Since the beginning of 2017 I got in to cryptocurrency because a colleague of mine had his own crypto energy coin. I started to follow it via marketcoincap and was in ever since. I buy and earn free crypto when i am not working.

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