Index based hodling

I am investing and hodling cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2017.

I am building up my portfolio based on the Coin Market Cap with a few small diferences based on my own preferences.


I first bought BTC, ETH and LTC. Lateron i started to diversify my portfolio with mainly top 30 cryptocurrency.

Lateron i added Stellar lumens, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash and Waves.


I but every month a few new coins and add it to my holdlings. My strategy is to buy the dip. So when prices go parabolic i dont buy.

But in 2018 when the priceses were low i added some privacy coins to my portfolio.

I bought Dash, Zcash, Monero all 1 of them each. 

I also added some penny crypto to my portfolio. My favorite is Doge, this coin has a much bigger share in my portfolio then it has in the market cap.

Also i have Verge, Digibytes, and Redcoins.

As last I bought tron, cardano and binance coin as the new coins of which i expect they will do good in the future.    

Agi is my only ICO out of 4 which kept its value. 2 went 2 0 and 1 went to 25%.

As last I earned Niko from and Airdrop and BAT from coinbase Earn.


For the rest my portfolio is made up of Airdrops and coins i earned for free.

The advantage of coin market cap based hodling is that BTC is 50% and that the loss was less in 2018 then when i invested in altcoins more then BTC.

After last weeks surge i have profit again. So i paysout to hodl based on the Coin market cap.


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Crypto is my hobby

Cryptocurrency is my new hobby
Cryptocurrency is my new hobby

Since the beginning of 2017 I got in to cryptocurrency because a colleague of mine had his own crypto energy coin. I started to follow it via marketcoincap and was in ever since. I buy and earn free crypto when i am not working.

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