Paxful P2P Bitcoin Marketplace Review

Paxful is a Bitcoin exchange where you purchase Bitcoin directly from other people, this is known as P2P trading. 


This allows you to make purchases using many different methods of payment, over 300 methods infact. 


Users of the site have a reputation based on previous trades and feedback left by others. This enables the buyer to feel secure in making purchases. Once a deal has been negotiated between buyer/seller the seller's BTC is placed in Escrow by the platform until the buyer has met the agreed conditions (made payment) 


Some of the many payment options that are available on Paxful are Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Gift Cards, (iTunes, Amazon, Steam, etc) and Google Pay. There are so many options it almost becomes a joke at some point à la Pizza Hut gift card... 


Essentially this platform is for those who need to, for whatever reason purchase Bitcoin by means that are not commonplace, I don't see Binance accepting Steam Giftcards as payment for Crypto anytime soon. This site may also help people who live in countries that suffer heavy Cryptocurrency regulations. 


With the inundation of Cryptocurrency exchanges that the space is currently experiencing Paxful is one that stands out offering a unique service. Established in 2015 this platform has a well established product and a large user base. All this combined makes Paxful a solid fixture in the Crypto space and a completely legitimate Bitcoin exchange to consider.  


Check it out HERE

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