Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project's Status - Whitelisting for Early Supporters (How to) VIDEO - The Next Premium NFT

A. Introduction

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) NFT Art Project continues to grow. Virtually all who view the artwork are impressed with its originality. It is this single factor that has the greatest drawing power to date. It is anticipated the ownership of one of the CDGS collection will bring prosperous benefits but also status. There are 10 000 in the collection; however, it is possible that only 5000 will be launched for series 1 and then the remaining NFTs for series 2. Nevertheless, this has not been finalized to date and there is a high probability that the entire collection will be launched in a single launch. 

It is a known fact that there is strength in numbers. Post-launch will be a time when partnerships are sought after to give long-term utility benefits to NFT collection owners. Utility in the form of airdrops, delegator discounts, DeFi incentives, and CDGS tokens along with DAO membership will secure additional benefits. 

B. Low-Cost Low Risk 

Owners of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs surely did not anticipate the value they now hold. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Collection aspires to be equal to these model collections - with this goal in mind the possibilities enhance the imagination. The CDGS collection will sell for approximately $40 each and launch on  Cosmos: The Internet of Blockchains - Omniflix Market

C. Whitelisting for Early Supporters

Early Supporters can paste their Omniflix wallet addresses "Whitelist Launch" Channel of the Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project's Discord Server. (1)  It will first be required to join the Server and (2) then navigate to the channel which can be located on the left. (3) Click on the "Whitelist Launch" Channel (4) Type Wallet Oniflix . . . (Wallet space Omniflix wallet address - located in the Keplr Wallet).

D. How to Install Keplr Wallet and Add Omniflix Network --- And Whitelist

1. Install Keplr  

2a. Navigate to 

 b. Click "Connect" on the top right - follow the prompts and the Omniflix wallet will be added.

c. Click the Keplr wallet icon and go to your Omniflix Wallet (copy your wallet address)

d. Paste your wallet address in the "Whitelist Launch" Channel as explained above 

Watch the Video to Clarify 


Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) NFT Art project Discord Server 

Whitelist Launch Channel



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Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project
Cryptocurrency Degenerates NFT Art Project

The Cryptocurrency Degenerates project is a collection of 10 000 NFT characters. Globally many people are experiencing harsh financial difficulties for extended periods of time. The reasons are numerous but in many instances, it is simply because they have not had the opportunity to acquire skills or get an adequate education. The Cryptocurrency Degenerates (CDGS) Project intends to help such people by changing one life at a time.

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